HIBBING — So how would you grade the work of Minnesota Wild General Manager Paul Fenton and Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Gerssas Rosas in their quest for free agents.

I know it’s too early to tell, but I’m not giving either Fenton or Rosas an E for effort.

Their report cards wouldn’t be anything to write home about.

Neither one of them did anything to improve their respective teams, at least so far.

Take Fenton. His biggest acquisition is Mats Zuccarello, and as a throw-in, Ryan Hartman.

I’ll bet the other teams in the Western Conference are shaking in their skates at the thought of that twosome joining the Wild.

On KFAN, host Dan Barreiro asked Lou Nanne if he thought the Wild would make the playoffs this next season.

The usually positive Nanne had to hesitate before he answered. He knows it’s not a Stanley-Cup winning team, but he wasn’t quite sure if this team will make the playoffs.

For him to say that speaks volumes.

The Wild still don’t have any proven goal scorers.

Zuccarello and Hartman aren’t going to light the lamp 35 to 40 times next season. From what I’ve been hearing they’re good locker-room guys. Oh boy. That’s all we need.

The Wild will get Mikko Koivu and Matt Dumba back at full strength, but the younger players have to prove they can play and score before Minnesota will find success.

That’s something we’ve gone through before with this team, and Fenton decided to trade all of those commodities away.

It’s hard to be a Wild fan. There’s never any improvement. It’ll be another year of growth, and, more importantly, another wasted season.

Fenton, in only one year on the job, has made plenty of mistakes, and he may never recover from them.

He may have a plan on how to fix this team, but how many years is it going to take? We can’t wait much longer, especially since the St. Louis Blues somehow won the Stanley Cup this season.

It’s embarrassing that a Minnesota hockey team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup before, and it isn’t happening anytime soon.

Now it’s off to the Timberwolves.

The talk of the town was that Rosas was looking to get DeAngelo Russell.

If that was true, then he was on his way to reshaping this team.

Only the Golden State Warriors threw a wrench into those plans, doing a sign-and-trade with the Brooklyn Nets, and taking away our chance at getting a semi-productive player.

Instead, Minnesota is getting Shabazz Napier, Treveon Graham and cash in that same sign-and-trade agreement.

Who? Napier has only averaged 9.4 and 8.7 points over the last two seasons, one with Brooklyn and one with Portland. He can’t even hit 10 points per game.

Graham’s points total are even smaller. He averages 4.1 for his career.

This team needs star power and Napier and Graham won’t provide that. I heard the Wolves made some other moves, too, but they’re so insignificant that you can’t find anything about them, especially on the ESPN website.

Noah Vonleh is one of those insignificant players. In two seasons, he’s averaged 5.1 points per game. Again, teams in the Western Conference aren’t shaking in their shoes over these additions to the team.

I did see the Wolves signed Jordan Bell. He averaged a whopping 3.3 points per game, 2.7 rebounds and 1.1 assists last year. That should fit in nicely with this team.

The Wolves will be lucky to win 20 games next season, and you can bet that Karl-Anthony Towns isn’t going to put up with that. He’ll be the next one to leave us high-and-dry.

What do Fenton and Rosas take us for? We’re smarter fans than they think. These moves don’t get us any closer to winning NBA or NHL titles, let alone just making the playoffs.

The ineptitude of these two franchises is mindboggeling.

My suggestion: don’t pay for tickets to watch either of these two teams until they finally get serious about bringing game-changing players into the fold.


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