GRAND RAPIDS — The Herald-Review recently ran a story about Jerry Chiabotti, an assistant coach at North Woods High School, being able to coach many of his grandsons.

I first encountered Jerry during my first winter here at the Herald-Review when Jerry was the head coach of the Bigfork Huskies boys basketball team.

Bigfork made a run to the state tournament in my first year at the newspaper in 1988, and the Huskies made another trip to state in 1994.

Jerry was just a wonderful coach to work with. He was very accommodating and made you feel at home.

Chiabotti is now coaching in a North Woods program that has been loaded for the past few years and it appears it will remain that way.

Good luck in the future, Jerry!


I must apologize to the Division 2 American Legion baseball teams for not getting information on their tournament into the newspaper.

I had been in contact with Taconite coach Danny Persons and I was supposed to call him on Tuesday to get the information in last Wednesday’s edition.

Lo and behold, yours truly forgot to call Mr. Persons and thus, no information was put into the paper.



I am really getting fed up by the way the super stars in the National Basketball Association are running the show.

In this day and age, the stars are getting together and deciding which teams they are going to and who they want playing with them.

I imagine the bargaining contract between the NBA players and the league allows players to do that, and that is something that needs to be changed.

Right now NBA cities like Minneapolis have little chance of attracting the top stars that are needed to win a NBA title. These pampered stars go to the places of their choice meanwhile dictating who they want to play with.

As a fan, it really bugs me. Yes, the players are the ones supplying the product, but there would be no product if it wasn’t for the owners and the fans.

These players are being paid an unbelievable amount of money just to play a game, and yet they are not satisfied with a lot of things. Too bad, and I hope the NBA can come up with a way that will stop the stars from getting together to make super teams.


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