Hello. My name is Ted Anderson and I am the new sports editor for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review.

A lot of you probably remember that I was in this position for nearly two decades before leaving to work at the Hibbing Daily Tribune. I worked at the Herald-Review from September 1988 until September 2005.

I grew up in Coleraine and I am a 1975 graduate of Greenway High School. I took a roundabout route in becoming a sports writer, spending three years in the U.S. Army and then I worked for three years in the state of Wyoming in the early 1980s. I went back to college after being laid off and graduated with a journalism degree from St. Cloud State University in 1986.

I worked for a year at the Crookston Daily Times before hiring on at the Herald-Review in 1988.

Personally, I am very happy to return to the Herald-Review. A lot has changed in the past 14 years so it will take an adjustment to become comfortable in the job. However, once the technicalities are taken care of I am expecting to finish out my career in Grand Rapids and I am very happy about it.

My goal is to do the best I can to provide sports coverage in the Grand Rapids area. That means that I need to build up a network of people who can assist me in doing the best job I can. Having been in the business for three decades, I know that it is imperative to give each sport and its athletes a fair amount of coverage in the newspaper. Being the lone wolf in the sports department, I will need to count on people to submit information in order to provide good coverage.

I am looking forward to getting out and about and getting things going here at the paper.


I was very happy to see that the Legion Field was named after Bob Streetar during the recent American Legion baseball tournament.

As Grand Rapids coach Bill Kinnunen said, it should have been done a long time ago. When it came to baseball up here on the Iron Range from the 1960s into the new century, Bob Streetar was a well-respected coach who experienced success by doing things the right way.

I played baseball for Greenway and I have to admit that we wanted to beat Bob Streetar and the Indians really bad. But you knew that you had better go out and play well if you were going to beat Grand Rapids because Bob Streetar teams rarely beat themselves.

Congratulations goes out to those who made the decision to rename the field after Mr. Streetar.

It was the right move.


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