The Grand Rapids Thunderhawk Archery team participated in the 2019 NASP National Tournament in Louisville, Kent., May 10.

The tournament is known as the largest indoor archery competition in the United States. More than 15,000 archers participated on the high school, middle school and elementary levels. There were 21 high school, 19 middle school and one elementary student from Grand Rapids archery among the participants.

The high school team finished 75th out of 263 teams. The top five finishers Noah Cagle (294), Kyra Miller (283), Katelyn Kunz (278), Cassidy Brink (276) and McKayla Cagle (276).

The middle school finished 74th out of 255 teams.

The top five finishers Landon Malmquist (277), Emily Chung (276),Alayna Miller (274), Sydney Jones (271) and Lucas Segari (267).

On the elementary level, Eli Cherne finished with a score of 254.

The high school and middle school also competed in a 3D competition. The top five high school finishers were Kyra Miller (285), Noah Cagle (276), Jackson Weston (276) and Tyler Rooney (274). The top five middle school finishers were Randall Belanger (272), Sydney Jones (268) Logan Braford (245), Michael Vail-Storrs (243) and Ciara Axtell (241).

To qualify for the national tournament the Grand Rapids high school team finished second at the Minnesota State NASP tournament. Noah Cagle placed third in Bullseye and fourth in 3D.

The middle school team finished seventh amassing 3,206 points, qualifying them for nationals. Eli Cherne had an impressive showing by placing first in the elementary category.

Seniors on the 2018-19 Thunderhawk Archery team include: Casey Belich, Robert Faust, Brady Jones, Ireland Palmer, Emily Paul, Jordan Pickett, Tyler Rooney, Chris Rooney, Delaney Nelson and Seleena Baumgartner.

The Thunderhawk Archery team typically kicks off its season with registration/orientation in November. The program is open to students in grades five through 12 enrolled in ISD 318.


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