GRAND RAPIDS — Good news was received early in the week when it was announced that high school competition will begin on Jan. 14.

That’s great news. It gives the student-athletes who have worked so hard a chance to show off their improvement from last year and it rewards their hard work.

It will be tough with the restrictions on people attending games, but it is for the best. And, after all, all high school sports is all about the kids and making it as enjoyable as possible for them.

Good luck to all area sports teams!


Boy, the Vikings stunk up the joint when they were pounded by Alvin Kamara and the Saints on Christmas Day in front of the entire nation.

It is the worst defensive debacle I have ever witnessed by a Minnesota Vikings team. I can remember Viking seasons since 1968, so that is saying a lot.

Of course, as the years go by, my memory siphons out candidates. Perhaps the previous winner was when Josh Allen of Buffalo was still unproven while the Vikings were rolling. Of course, the Bills and Allen shredded the Vikings in a brutal Minnesota defensive effort.

I wasn’t in favor of the Vikings signing safety Anthony Harris to that big contract after he came out of nowhere to have a fantastic 2019 season. When they resigned him, I figured they would peddle him during the draft for good compensation but it didn’t happen.

Then you have to watch Harris perform this season. His poor performances were highlighted against the Saints when he couldn’t tackle, cover or execute.

Of course, Harris is just a clog in what was a disabled machine on Christmas Day. There was no pass rush, the tackling as a team was atrocious and they made Kamara – who is a good running back – look like a combination of Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith, which he is not.

The offseason will be important for the Vikings. They have holes everywhere but the most glaring are the offensive and defensive lines.


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