GRAND RAPIDS — The Grand Rapids High School football team has been on fire the last two weeks, putting up big points totals in the two games.

Grand Rapids coach Greg Spahn and his coaching staff have the Thunderhawks playing well as they prepare to travel to Proctor Friday night to face an always-physical Rails squad.

What has been impressive is the size of the holes that are being produced by the Grand Rapids offensive linemen. I told somebody on the sidelines Friday night that I could have run for 100 yards with the size of holes and I was only half-kidding.

What has been lost in all the giddiness about the offensive output of the Thunderhawks is the outstanding defense that has also been played. While the offense did put up the 131 points in two weeks, the defense allowed just seven points in the two games.

It will be interesting to see if the Grand Rapids team can play well against Proctor, a team that is traditionally tough to beat.


I thought it was going to be a repeat of the Vikings’ game against Buffalo in 2018, when Green Bay jumped out to a 21-0 lead on Minnesota on Sunday.

The defense –which had gotten embarrassed by the Packers in the first quarter – then started figuring some things out and it turned the momentum over to the Vikings.

Minnesota pulled to within four points and had a chance to win save for some awful mistakes.

First, was that me who said quarterback Kirk Cousins was primed to have a Pro Bowl season? After his foolish interception late in the game on a first and goal situation, my confidence in Cousins has sunk to new lows.

Cousins is fine and dandy when he has time to throw, but even a little bit of pressure takes away a lot of his effectiveness. I can remember him running one time for a first down against the Packers, but there were other times when it was wide open and a first down could have been had.

His accuracy also wasn’t good on Sunday. The Packers’ defense is supposedly much better than last year so part of Cousins’ problems on Sunday could have been because Green Bay’s defense was pretty good.

And what about that kicking game? My goodness, it has been a nightmare for the team in the past few seasons. The wasting of two fairly high draft picks in the past three seasons to pick up kickers who were later cut was ridiculous and to me it makes magagement look bad.


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