GRAND RAPIDS — A total of 92 racers came ready with their cars to put on a great final show at Grand Rapids.

Jay Kintner was able to start out front of the WISSOTA Late Model feature and raced there until he crossed the checkered flags for the win. Alan Olafson took a win in his WISSOTA Midwest Modified, Dan Ebert took a feature win home in his WISSOTA Modified, Chad Finkbone won in his WISSOTA Pure Stock, and Curt Myers took a quick win in his WISSOTA Super Stock.

The first class to start out the features was the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Dalton Carlson and Curt Myers lined up in the pole positions. When the green flag dropped, Myers took the lead right away and Kevin Burdick followed up right behind him while also battling out with Jon Frolik side by side. Myers was still able to stick out front though, Burdick and Frolik raced side by side for second, Sabraski was able to race into fourth and Carlson kept in the top five.

Another caution flag was thrown for a spun car and the racers lined up single file. When the green flag dropped again, all the racers bunched up and Myers took the big feature win for the WISSOTA Super Stocks followed by, Burdick, Frolik, Sabraski, and Copp in the top five.

Next on the track were the WISSOTA Pure Stocks. Austin Carlson and Al Sadek Sr. were out front of the pack. Sadek was able to pull out front for just a bit but Chad Finkbone was able to push through and raced out front of the pack, Mikey Blevins was able to follow right behind him and raced in second. A stalled car caused a caution flag to drop then right when they got going again there was debris on the track so they grouped back again another time. Roth and Blevins were able to keep close to Finkbone, Sadek hung onto fourth, while Margo Butcher raced into the fifth spot. Miller was able to race around Butcher and quickly moved into fifth and then made his last move as the time was running out and raced around Sadek and slid into fourth. Even though Blevins and Roth kept very close to Finkbone, they weren’t able to get around by the time he crossed the checkered flags. Blevins took second, Roth took third, Miller finished fourth, and Sadek rounded off the top five.

The WISSOTA Modifieds rolled onto the track and raced a very good caution-less race. Kelly Estey and Jeff Tardy led the racers out and when the green flag dropped, Tardy was able to take the lead at first but Estey kept close and challenged low for a lap and was able to move around into the lead. Dan Ebert was following right behind and made a quick move on Estey and Tardy and was able to move out to secure the lead. Bob Broking raced from ninth into third, Darrel Nelson raced from 12th to fourth, and Adam Ayotte raced in fifth. B. Broking inched closer to Estey and looked for a pass but was never able to complete one. Brandon Copp was able to quickly pass Ayotte to round off the top five for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Ebert was able to take the win out of 21 WISSOTA Modifieds, Estey, B. Broking, Nelson, and Copp finished the top 5.

27 WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds came ready to race but there was a B Main to qualify for the feature. Skyler Smith, Jason LaValley, Mike Johnson, and Chris Magistad were able to qualify for the main feature.

24 drivers rolled onto the track for the A feature with Andrew Inman and Alan Olafson out front. Inman was able to take the lead on green, Olafson kept close behind in second. Jimmy Latvala and Scott Splittstoesser raced out for third, Latvala was able to pull in front though. Olafson was then able to challenge Inman for the lead and they raced side by side for a few laps, but Olafon was still able to inch ahead of Inman.

A caution flag had to be thrown for debris so the racers had to group back together. When they got going again, Olafson kept out front Inman kept challenging him for the lead, Latvala raced in third, Splittstoesser kept in fourth and Blevins was able to get into fifth.

Another caution flag was thrown for a spun car so the racers grouped back together again. Olafson was still able to keep out front when they went green, Inman kept close to him. Latvala still had third secured, and Splittstoesser secured fourth still. Ayotte was able to round off the top five for the night.

22 WISSOTA Late Models rolled onto the track last for the night and did their 4-wide salute. After they got all ready to go and the green flag dropped, Jay Kintner pulled out front of the pack right away, Steve Laursen slid into second, Deven VanHouse kept close in third. Laursen was able to inch closer to Kintner and showed his nose to him in the corners of the track. Peterlin looked closely for a pass on Doar for third but Doar was only able to keep him behind for a few laps before he was able to get around. A caution flag was thrown for a spun car and all the racers grouped back together. They did not even get a lap in and another caution flag was thrown for another spun car.

After the racers got back lined up and racing again, Peterlin was able to race into second and look for a pass on Kintner, but he got too high on the track and fell back. Jesse Glenz took advantage of that and took his spot in second, Jeffrey Massingill raced into third, Doar raced in fourth, and Jeff Provinzino and Laursen battled for fifth. Glenz was able to catch Kintner and challenge him for the lead, and he challenged low but was not able to get around him by the checkered flags. In that time Doar was able to complete a pass on Massingill for third. Kitner was able to take the big WISSOTA Late Model trophy and payout, Glenz, Doar, Massingill, Laursen finished in the top five for the last race of the season.


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