Pictured are the Women’s 4.0-4.5 medalists at the recent pickleball tournament in Grand Rapids. Pictured in no particular order are Deb Perreault, Miki Petersen, Twila Jesso, Lori Urmann, Carol Perrott and Ann Will.


Staff Report

GRAND RAPIDS — The Itasca County Pickleball Association conducted its fourth annual tournament in Grand Rapids recently.

This year there were 133 participants, with some players from out of state. Those six states from which players traveled include Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Ohio.

The event began with a taco dinner provided by the Eagles in Grand Rapids. Many players enjoyed the opportunity to win great prizes during the raffles and silent auction. The tournament committee said it is grateful to all the businesses which donated towards the prizes.

A special thank you goes out to Rick Perrot who was the new tournament director. “It was a successful tournament enjoyed by all,” committee members said.

For more information and photographs of the event, go to grandrapidspickleball.com.

Medal Winners, Women’s 3.0: 1. Cindy Tammen/Mona Freiburger; 2. Katherine Strege/Robbie Sullivan; 3. Cheryl Martinetto/Marilyn Heimke.

Women’s 3.5: 1, Linda Stowman/Cher Rafftery; 2. Deb Angel/Lori Wolf; 3. Michelle Hedin/Linda Wiedmann

Women’s 4.0-4.5: 1. Deb Perreault/Micki Petersen; 2. Twila Jesso/Lori Urmann; 3. Carol Perrott/Ann Will.

Men’s 3.0: 1. Jim Martinetto/Donald Heimke; 2. Kyle Schaefer/Sam Armstrong; 3. Mark Freiburger/Craig Tammen.

Men’s 3.5 (A): 1. Pete Baumann/Scott Fanning; 2. Myron Berg/Chris Legargeois; 3. Steve VanSlyke/David Marks.

Men’s 3.5 (B): Joe Nelson/Greg Poechmann; Steve Cashman/John Haas; Terry Welcome/Lloyd Retzlaff.

Men’s 4.0: 1. Mohammed Ali/Scott Schreier; 2. Ron Storlie/Mike Johnson; 3. Kevin Armstrong/Denny Perreault.

Men’s 4.5: Ben Strege/Ryan Thiel; Todd Olson/Luke Jesso; Eric Wong/Travis Wong.

Mixed 3.0: 1. Cindy McNichols/Kyle Schafer; 2. Barbie Laughlin/Craig Laughlin; 3. Tina Elwer/Ralph Elwer.

Mixed 3.5 (A): Scott Fanning/Janna Goodreich; Cindy Tammen/Craig Tammen; Tracey Marks/David Marks.

Mixed 3.5 (B): Greg Poechman/Cher Rafftery; Steve Cashman/Nancy Wolf; Sue Wolfe/John Baufield.

Mixed 4.0 (A): Mohammed Ali/Kren McManus; Butch Schmidt/Beth Amlie; Dennis McDonald/Cindy Miller.

Mixed 4.0 (B): 1. Micki Petersen/Kevin Armstrong; 2. Skip Houghton/Pam Graves; 3. Denny Perreault/Deb Perreault.

Mixed 4.5: Todd Olson/Taylor Uhl; Luke Jesso/Twila Jesso; Jason Kruegar/Ann Litchy Martinez.


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