CHISHOLM — Back in 2017, the court in Roels Gymnasium was dedicated to former Chisholm boys basketball coach Bob McDonald.

A banner was placed on the wall on the west side of the building.

On Monday, that banner came down and the longtime Bluestreak mentor now has his name etched on the floor of the court.

When McDonald was first honored, Mark Morrison was the athletic director at the school. His initial plan was to inscript McDonald’s name on to the court, but when he transitioned into the principal’s job, that idea got lost in the shuffle, until now.

When Jamie Steinberg moved into the athletic director’s job, that plan fell into his lap, and there was no better time to get it done than now.

“Mark and I had the conversation about putting it on the floor,” Steinberg said. “That was something that was looked at to get done. I don’t know if the plan was to get it done immediately, but Mark passed it along to me

“I had no issues with getting it done when we could get it done.”

There wasn’t any time to do it during the fall season, so Steinberg waited for the proper time to start the project.

When the winter-sports pause came into effect, the plan was put into action.

“I was looking for an opening to do it, and with this pause, we were able to reach out to a company who could come at a moment’s notice,” Steinberg said. “It worked out perfectly before the basketball season.

“A lot of it was timing. That helped me out a lot.”


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