Kevin Burdick has carried his share of checkered flags throughout his career.

GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Rapids held another regular night of racing before the WISOOTA Super Stock Series come to town. It was a quick night of racing but with no WISSOTA Modifieds and with very few cautions but competitive racing. Chad Finkbone was able to take another win home Thursday night, Charlie Castle, Matt Sparby, Jacob Aarhus and Chris Lewis were also able to drive into Victory Lane.

Mikey Blevins and Michael Roth led the thirteen WIISSOTA Pure Stocks onto the track for their feature. When the green flag dropped M. Blevins was able to take the lead, Roth raced right behind in second. Chris Miller raced in third while Margo Butcher and Samuel Blevins battled with Finkbone for fourth. Finkbone quickly passed Butcher then looked for a pass on S. Blevins. Roth inched up on M. Blevins and showed his nose to him but a caution flag was thrown for a car that lost its tire. When they got back going again, M. Blevins still kept out front, Roth kept close behind him. Finkbone then challenged Miller for third and quickly got around low for third. Austin Carlson was able to race up into fifth. Finkbone was able to make his way through the pack and battled both Roth and M. Blevins for the lead and was able to get out front. Another caution flag was thrown when a car spun in corner two. Finkbone was still able to stick out front when the green flag dropped again, M. Blevins and Roth battled for second but M. Blevins was able to keep Roth behind. Roth, Carlson and S. Blevins all raced into top five positions. The red flag was thrown not long after when Butcher flipped in front of the grand stands. After they got everything cleaned up and knew she was okay, the green flag was dropped again for a green, white, checkered finish. Finkbone took the win, Roth, M. Blevins, Carlson, and S. Blevins rounded off the top five.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds had a caution-less race with Justin Feltus and Charlie Castle in the poll positions to start. Feltus was able to take the lead right away, Castle kept close enough so he could steal the lead low. Darrin Lawler raced into third, Michael Blevins raced in fourth but then pitted so M. Castle and Tyler Kintner moved up the pack. Kintner was able to show his nose to M. Castle and looked for a low pass for a few laps until he was able to complete it. He then went on to challenge Lawler and Feltus for second and quickly raced up to try and catch Castle. Castle was able to keep Kintner behind when the checkered flags dropped. Feltus, Lawler and M. Castle rounded off the top five.

Kevin Salin and Matt Sparby lined up out front of the WISSOTA Super Stocks. They both battled for the lead right away but after a while, Sparby was able to secure the lead. Dalton Carlson and Don Smith battled each other for third with Tristan LaBarge in the mix as well. Kevin Burdick was racing quickly and raced up to steal third from Carlson. Beau Brown was able to hang onto fifth while Burdick challenged Salin for second. He wasted not time to get around Salin then went on in hopes to catch Sparby but he was not able to. Sparby took the checkered flags, Burdick, Salin. Carlson, and Brown all got top five finishes for the night.

Brad Larson and Ryan Johnson led the Northern Renegade Sprint Cars onto the track for their race. Johnson was able to steal the lead, Jori Hughes raced into second while Brad Larson raced in third. Chris Lewis kept close to Larson until he was able to complete a pass before the caution flag was dropped when Johnson spun. When the drivers got lined back up, Hughes was now out front, Chris Lewis raced in second, while Paul Schultz battled for third. Another caution flag was thrown and the racers went single file for their line-up. Hughes kept out front, Lewis kept in second, Schultz kept close in third. Zach Olson in fourth got challenged by Johnson low and he quickly got around. Lewis then made a move on Hughes and was able to steal the lead. Caley Emerson was able to race up from fourteenth and was able to take fifth. Lewis took the checkered flags first, then Hughes, Schultz, Johnson, and Emerson.

The WISSOTA Hornets then drove onto the track to close out the night of racing. Brand Gruba and Jesse Feltus started out on the poll positions. When the green flag dropped, Gruba was able to take the lead over Feltus while Eathan Newman and Peyton Edelman battled for third side by side then Newman was able to get around and then challenge Feltus for second. Travis Olafson also wanted a piece of the action and challenged all of them for second and was able to get around them and went to catch Gruba. Jacob Aarhus followed Olafson up to second and kept challenging him while they moved up on Gruba. Aarhus was able to get around Olafson then went on and stole the lead from Gruba. Olafson and Newman were both able to complete passes on Gruba. Aarhus was able to take the win, Olafson, Newman, Gruba, and Edelman all got top five finishes for the night.


A Feature 1: 1. 17A-Jacob Aarhus[7]; 2. 00-Travis Olafson[8]; 3. 9E-Eathan Newman[4]; 4. 14G-Brant Gruba[1]; 5. 5-Peyton Edelman[3]; 6. 40C-Chaston Finckbone[6]; 7. 15-Jesse Feltus[2]; 8. 47J-Justin Barsness[5]; 9. 75EH-Logan ZumMallen[10]; 10. 40-Tristen Mclynn[9]

Heat 1: 1. 00-Travis Olafson[4]; 2. 9E-Eathan Newman[1]; 3. 40C-Chaston Finckbone[2]; 4. 47J-Justin Barsness[3]; 5. 40-Tristen Mclynn[5]

Heat 2: 1. 17A-Jacob Aarhus[3]; 2. 15-Jesse Feltus[1]; 3. 5-Peyton Edelman[2]; 4. 14G-Brant Gruba[4]; 5. 75EH-Logan ZumMallen[5]

10 entries


A Feature 1: 1. 2-Charlie Castle[2]; 2. 22-Tyler Kintner[7]; 3. 18-Justin Feltus[1]; 4. 19-Darrin Lawler[3]; 5. 10M-Mervin Castle III[5]; 6. 69-Justin Bassa[8]; 7. 4AL-Dane Olson[6]; 8. 33-Travis Tupa[9]; 9. 8E8-Jessy Krause[10]; 10. (DNF) 10-Michael Blevins Sr[4]

Heat 1: 1. 10M-Mervin Castle III[2]; 2. 22-Tyler Kintner[1]; 3. 10-Michael Blevins Sr[4]; 4. 19-Darrin Lawler[5]; 5. 33-Travis Tupa[3]

Heat 2: 1. 18-Justin Feltus[1]; 2. 2-Charlie Castle[2]; 3. 4AL-Dane Olson[3]; 4. 69-Justin Bassa[4]; 5. (DNF) 8E8-Jessy Krause[5]

13 entries


A Feature 1: 1. 40-Chad Finckbone[8]; 2. 66-Michael Roth[2]; 3. 10JR-Mikey Blevins[1]; 4. 57-Austin Carlson[7]; 5. 10-Samuel Blevins[5]; 6. 25M-Chris Miller[3]; 7. 35B-Josh Berg[6]; 8. 88B-Brandon Puschinsky[9]; 9. 88-Joseph Krause[12]; 10. (DNF) 86J-Jake Smith[10]; 11. (DNF) 32-Margo Butcher[4]; 12. (DNF) 24M-Michael MacAdams[13]; 13. (DNF) 23MF-Michael Finckbone[11]

Heat 1: 1. 66-Michael Roth[4]; 2. 57-Austin Carlson[3]; 3. 10JR-Mikey Blevins[6]; 4. 25M-Chris Miller[1]; 5. 88B-Brandon Puschinsky[5]; 6. 23MF-Michael Finckbone[2]; 7. 88-Joseph Krause[7]

Heat 2: 1. 40-Chad Finckbone[2]; 2. 10-Samuel Blevins[4]; 3. 35B-Josh Berg[6]; 4. 32-Margo Butcher[3]; 5. 86J-Jake Smith[5]; 6. (DNF) 24M-Michael MacAdams[1]

10 entries


A Feature 1: 1. 81X-Matt Sparby[2]; 2. 30-Kevin Burdick[7]; 3. 11-Kevin Salin[1]; 4. 57-Dalton Carlson[4]; 5. 00-Beau Brown[5]; 6. 19-Tristan LaBarge[6]; 7. 86-Don Smith[3]; 8. 07-Paul Lease[8]; 9. 63RX-Gene Roth[10]; 10. (DNF) 32H-Matthew Hammitt[9]

Heat 1: 1. 11-Kevin Salin[2]; 2. 30-Kevin Burdick[3]; 3. 81X-Matt Sparby[5]; 4. 07-Paul Lease[1]; 5. 32H-Matthew Hammitt[4]

Heat 2: 1. 57-Dalton Carlson[2]; 2. 19-Tristan LaBarge[1]; 3. 86-Don Smith[4]; 4. 00-Beau Brown[3]; 5. (DNS) 63RX-Gene Roth

14 entries


A Feature 1: 1. 30M-Chris Lewis[5]; 2. 19-Jori Hughes[4]; 3. 101-Paul Schultz[6]; 4. 3-Ryan Johnson[2]; 5. 15E-Caley Emerson[14]; 6. Z15-Zach Olson[9]; 7. 11-Jesse Grife[10]; 8. 46-KC Hawkinson[3]; 9. 46H-Ken Hron[7]; 10. 250-Brad Larson[1]; 11. 04-Brian Trembath[12]; 12. 92-Danny Wait Jr[11]; 13. 36-Tyler Wass[8]; 14. (DNF) 91-Dave Braford[13]

Heat 1: 1. 46-KC Hawkinson[1]; 2. 19-Jori Hughes[6]; 3. 46H-Ken Hron[5]; 4. 3-Ryan Johnson[7]; 5. Z15-Zach Olson[3]; 6. 92-Danny Wait Jr[2]; 7. 91-Dave Braford[4]

Heat 2: 1. 30M-Chris Lewis[6]; 2. 101-Paul Schultz[4]; 3. 250-Brad Larson[2]; 4. 36-Tyler Wass[7]; 5. 11-Jesse Grife[5]; 6. 04-Brian Trembath[3]; 7. (DNF) 15E-Caley Emerson[1]


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