Grand Rapids had a beautiful night of racing June 20. A total of 72 cars came ready to race. The racers were very competitive and raced fairly clean with no major wrecks. Peter Travica was good enough to keep every racer behind him for 15 laps and won in his WISSOTA Pure Stock. DaRonco, Schultz, Smith, Burdick, and Sebraski were also fast enough to take exciting wins as well.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds kicked off the first feature of the racing night. Mark Kangas and Skyler Smith led the pack. When the green flag dropped, Smith wasted no time and took the lead. Kevin Burdick raced Kangas for second, and with not even one lap complete, a caution flag was thrown. After the cars grouped back together, Smith went low on the track and stole the lead. Burdick challenged Smith on the bottom of the track but Burdick kept low in the lead. Kintner raced in third, and Nick DaRonco raced in fourth and then another caution flag as thrown. After the re-group, Burdick kept out front while Kintner raced low and tried to snatch it. DaRonco raced close to Kintner for third while down the line, Smith and Skeeter Estey raced for fourth. After a few laps, Smith kept racing high on DaRonco and challenged whenever he could. Estey then raced low on DaRonco and caught him in the corners. Burdick went too high on the track, got loose and Smith took advantage of the opportunity to pull into the lead. A caution was thrown again and the cars lined up based on the last completed lap which put Burdick back out front. When green dropped, Burdick took the lead while Smith and DaRonco raced out for second and another yellow was thrown. With only three laps left in the race, the cars grouped back together and Burdick pulled back out in the lead, DaRonco followed in second close, and took advantage of Burdick going too high on the track, he pulled out into the lead, Smith raced up into second, Burdick raced in third, Kangas in fourth, and Dean Eggebraaten in fifth all raced in the top five as they passed th flag stand.

Chuck Markasich and Hunter McDougall then led the WISSOTA Hornets on the track. When the green flag dropped, McDougall took the lead and Carter Rieland challenged him low and made a clean pass around. Jake Smith and Markasich raced for third until Smith quickly pulled out and challenged McDougall for second. Danny Wait Jr. challenged Paul Ripley for fourth. A caution was then thrown for some debris on the track. When the cars lined back up and the green flag dropped, another caution was thrown as they got going for a spun car. Rieland led still, while Smith raced high and challenged him. Ripley raced McDougall for third, while Brenna Schmidt kept challenging Markasich for fifth. Smith ended up racing in the lead after he made a smooth pass on Rieland, Rieland kept in second close. Cody Buchanan and Schmidt raced each other for fifth and with only one lap left Schmidt got around. Smith took the win for the night, Rieland, McDougall, Ripley, and Schmidt took top five wins.

The Sprint Cars were led on the track by Caley Emerson and Jori Hughes. Emerson and Hughes battled for a while side by side for first while Paul Schultz raced in fourth. Emerson pulled out from Hughes and took the lead and Schultz moved into third. Ken Hron raced in fifth, Jack Berger raced in fourth. Schultz raced Hughes for second low, and immediately got around. On the last lap of the race, Schultz kept challenging Emerson until he got around and Hughes also took advantage of it and made a pass for second. Schultz took the win, Hughes, Emerson, Berger, and Hron followed in the top five.

Matt Sparby and Dan Severson led the WISSOTA Super Stocks on the track next. When the green flag was thrown, Sparby wasted no time and took the lead. Dalton Carlson raced Severson for second, but a caution was thrown with only one lap complete. After grouping back together, Sparby kept out front while Severson and Carlson raced out for second. Kevin Burdick took advantage of the two racing each other and got around Carlson, then Severson and then challenged Sparby high for the lead. Severson and Sparby kept racing side by side, and Shane Sabraski raced high in fourth close to Sparby and Severson. Sabraski made high passes into third and then on Severson in second. Willie Johnsen Jr. and Sparby then raced for fourth. Don Smith snuck low and challenged both racers until he raced in third while Severson followed, Johnsen held onto fifth. Burdick took the checkered flags and Sabraski, Smith, Severson, and Johnsen followed in the top five.

The 14 WISSOTA Modifieds were led on the track by Jeff Tardy and Scott Engholm. On the green Tardy and Engholm battled for first, Tardy pulled out in the corners. Kyle Oman went low on Engholm and raced for third, but Bob Broking saw a window for passing and passed into second. Kelly Estey raced into third, Oman kept close in fourth. Bob Broking raced Tardy side by side for first until a caution flag was thrown. When there were only 16 laps to go, Tardy led while Estey and Broking raced for second. Broking snuck low on Estey, and got around both Estey and Tardy for the lead. Johnny Broking raced up and challenged B. Broking for the lead, and he moved out front. Sabraski went high on B. Broking and followed J. Broking for second. Estey challenged B. Broking low in the corners of the track while Oman raced in fifth. Sabraski challenged J. Broking for the lead, and challenged high until he pulled out front. After a few more laps, Sabraski took the checkered flags, J. Broking, B. Broking, Estey, and Oman took top five feature wins for the night.

The last feature of the night were the WISSOTA Pure Stocks led by Peter Travica and Josh Berg. When green was thrown, Travica took the lead and let nobody by. Michael Roth and Cory Jorgensen raced out for third and Jorgensen showed his nose in the corners. Chris Miller kept very close to Roth in fifth. Jon Burt raced high and made a pass on Miller and went on to challenge Roth. Roth challenged for third and wasted no time and pulled out. Jorgensen and Miller raced for fourth and raced high. Miller showed his nose to Roth, then bumped him to get around. Chad Finckbone took advantage of the bump and raced up to challenge Miller for third. Both Miller and Finckbone raced up and challenged Berg for second, Miller got by first, then Finckbone got by after almost another lap. At the checkered flags, Burt and Roth raced very close together for fifth, but Burt just pulled out at the flag stand. Travica took the win, Miller, Finckbone, Berg, and Burt took top five wins to close the night.

Pure Stock

A Feature 1: 1. 21-Peter Travica, [1]; 2. 25M-Chris Miller, [5]; 3. 40-Chad Finckbone, [7]; 4. 35B-Josh Berg, [2]; 5. 31-Jon Burt, [3]; 6. 66-Michael Roth, [8]; 7. 17-Aaron Bernick, [4]; 8. 57-Austin Carlson, [11]; 9. 16-Cory Jorgensen, [6]; 10. 10-Mikey Blevins, [9]; 11. 4K-Dawson Kimble, [10]; 12. 8E8J-Jennie Krause, [12]

Heat 1: 1. 40-Chad Finckbone, [2]; 2. 21-Peter Travica, [3]; 3. 17-Aaron Bernick, [5]; 4. 25M-Chris Miller, [6]; 5. 10-Mikey Blevins, [1]; 6. 57-Austin Carlson, [4]

Heat 2: 1. 16-Cory Jorgensen, [4]; 2. 66-Michael Roth, [1]; 3. 31-Jon Burt, [3]; 4. 35B-Josh Berg, [5]; 5. 4K-Dawson Kimble, [2]; 6. 8E8J-Jennie Krause, [6]

Sport Compact

A Feature 1: 1. 5-Jake Smith, [4]; 2. 21R-Carter Rieland, [3]; 3. 1-Hunter McDougall, [2]; 4. 11-Paul Ripley, [6]; 5. 32-Brenna Schmidt, [5]; 6. 14K-Cody Buchanan, [8]; 7. 3D-Chuck Markasich, [1]; 8. 92-Danny Wait Jr., [7]

Heat 1: 1. 5-Jake Smith, [1]; 2. 1-Hunter McDougall, [3]; 3. 21R-Carter Rieland, [6]; 4. 3D-Chuck Markasich, [5]; 5. 32-Brenna Schmidt, [8]; 6. 11-Paul Ripley, [4]; 7. 92-Danny Wait Jr., [2]; 8. (DNF) 14K-Cody Buchanan, [7]

Super Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 30-Kevin Burdick, [8]; 2. 7A-Shane Sabraski, [7]; 3. 86-Don Smith, [5]; 4. 30S-Dan Severson, [2]; 5. 18-Willie Johnsen Jr., [6]; 6. 71-Zachary Wohlers, [11]; 7. 57-Dalton Carlson, [3]; 8. 33-Austin Niemeyer, [4]; 9. 81X-Matt Sparby, [1]; 10. 11-Kevin Salin, [9]; 11. (DNF) 7-Tim Carlson, [10]

Heat 1: 1. 18-Willie Johnsen Jr., [1]; 2. 30-Kevin Burdick, [4]; 3. 81X-Matt Sparby, [6]; 4. 57-Dalton Carlson, [2]; 5. 11-Kevin Salin, [3]; (DNS) 71-Zachary Wohlers,

Heat 2: 1. 7A-Shane Sabraski, [1]; 2. 86-Don Smith, [5]; 3. 30S-Dan Severson, [2]; 4. 33-Austin Niemeyer, [3]; 5. 7-Tim Carlson, [4


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