GRAND RAPIDS — By The Numbers

Unlike any other championship contest, the Super Bowl is analyzed to death; there are numbers and statistics for every aspect of the game and every aspect surrounding the game. We know that 11.2 million pounds of potato chips were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, followed by 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips and 8 million pounds of guacamole. It’s the second largest food “holiday” in the US, second only to Thanksgiving.

Fourteen billion burgers were grilled, antacid sales were up by 20 percent after the game and 1.5 million Americans called in sick to work the day after.

We know how many television viewers there were (91.6 million), the number of fans who streamed the game (5.7 million), the number of fans in attendance (22,000 humans along with 30,000 cutouts), the amount spent on Super Bowl food and beverages ($13.9 billion), the amount bet on the game ($154.68 million), and the average cost of a 30 second TV ad ($5.6 million.)

Let’s take a look at a few other numbers; numbers from the Super Bowl and numbers from other sports.

As most sports fans know, Tom Brady picked up his seventh Super Bowl ring in Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7. Brady now joins Bill Russell, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra in an elite group of athletes who have won at least seven world championships and three MVP Awards.

Brady’s seven rings in 21 seasons is the best ever in football. The Yankees’ Yogi Berra won 10 rings in his 18 seasons as a player (two more as a coach), and the Montreal Canadiens’ Henri Richard picked up 11 world championship rings in his 20-year career.

The all-time leader in the championship ring game however, is the Celtics’ Bill Russell, who in his 13-year career won 11 world championships. Russell also had a couple of NCAA championship rings to add to his total along with a gold medal in the ’56 Olympics.

And more numbers.

Let’s start with zero – the number of Vikings Super Bowl championships, the number of Timberwolves championships.

One- The number of Minnesota Wild Division Championships.

Two- Minnesota Twins World Series titles and Minnesota North Stars Stanley Cup Final appearances. The number of millions Tom Brady’s boat cost. The number of days out of the 365 where no professional sports games are scheduled. The Timberwolves’ longest winning streak of the season.

Three- The number of Twins AL championships.

Four- the number of Minnesota Lynx WNBA championships, the number of Viking NFC championships.

9:55- The actual number of minutes and seconds of actual playing time in an MLB game. The other two and a half to three hours is spent spitting, scratching, and eating sunflower seeds.

11- The total number of earned runs given up by Mariano Rivera in 140 innings of post season baseball.

17- The number of Minnesota North Star playoff appearances.

23- The most famous uniform number in pro sports.

27.28- The number of millions the Timberwolves D’Angelo Russell makes. The way it’s going now, that breaks down to $54,560 per minute played, give or take.

28- The number of Viking playoff appearances.

29- The number of times Patrick Mahomes was pressured in the Super Bowl – a new Super Bowl record. The number of times Larry Fitzgerald has dropped a pass in his career.

30- The number of coaches just hired by Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach Urban Meyer.

36- The number of footballs the home team must supply for each NFL game.

46- The number of times the perfect inning has been achieved – nine pitches, nine strikes, three outs.

48.36 – Miguel Sano’s strikeout percentage.

51- The number of times Babe Ruth struck out in 663 plate appearances in the 1931 season. Only two other players in the history of baseball struck out less than 60 times with at least 650 plate appearances. Ruth wasn’t just punching singles either; he hit 46 home runs that year.

60- The number of times a player has scored five or more goals in a single NHL game.

90- The number of times Miguel Sano struck out last year – tops in all of baseball.

120- Days in the Hennepin County Workhouse for Wolves’ Malik Beasley when season ends.

204- The Super Bowl record for rushing yards by the Redskins Timmy Smith in Super Bowl XXII.

497- The number of yards Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes ran in this year’s Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the yardage was behind the line of scrimmage, Mahomes spending the evening trying to run away from Bucs defenders.

2,715- The number of hits Bill Buckner had in his career. That’s 61 more than Ted Williams had.

772,500- The number of dollars JFK’s golf clubs sold for at auction in 1996. The buyer? Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There you go numbers crunchers. Kick back, have a burger. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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