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Cover crop acreage is expected to increase in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency’s revision to the preventive-planting insurance provisions, according to North Dakota State University Extension livestock experts.

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Apple orchards are open, school has begun, pre-harvest meetings seem to be happening daily and we have started custom chopping corn silage. It’s September. When did that happen? It sure feels like another year is flying by.

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Monday, Sept. 9, 2019: Harvest 2019 begins. The stalk is dry, the ears are hanging down and the decision is made. Today, we begin a harvest that will be a total crapshoot. How bad did the non-ending spring rains and cold temperatures affect this year’s crop? Time will tell. We have only 64 acres of “dry” corn that was planted on April 7. Best guesses are 20% to 24% moisture. Mark says we need to get it out, so we can get all the augurs set and test the dryer before the majority of the corn is ready to harvest. I’m old-school. I say, let it dry in the field. What’s the hurry? We will have a 10- to 14-day break before the next planted corn will be ready to go. Mark always wins this argument.

Other than back to school time, fall brings a time of natural harvest. As the time of peas and beans come to an end and cucumbers are less, th…