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A beautiful 1966 Olds Toronado sold recently for $35,000. Photo courtesy of Dave Murray, Orlando Classic Cars.

The mighty Oldsmobile Toronado Rocket 88 produced 375 horsepower. Photo courtesy of Dave Murray, Orlando Classic Cars.

The vented wheel style helped the finned brake drums expel heat as the 4,400 pound Toro came to a stop. Photo courtesy Dave Murray, Orlando Cl…

Where's the hump? One of the benefits of front wheel drive was a totally flat floor. Six adults could ride in comfort in the Toronado and the …

No matter what the viewing angle, the Toronado looks great! Photo courtesy of Dave Murray, Orlando Classic Cars.

Just look at that styling – unconventional to say the very least. Perhaps the most striking styling to come along in decades, the first-generation (1966-1970) Oldsmobile Toronado resembled nothing before. And, as different as it may have been, it was hard to find fault with the look. From the broad front grill, with its long, sloping hood and knife-edged front fenders, to the full wheel openings, accentuated by prominent flaring, surrounding wheels which looked like they’d been borrowed from an 18-wheeler... to the pleasingly-sloped fast back roof and rear deck – like it or not (and most liked it), the Toronado was one-of-a-kind.