We Americans value freedom and democracy. Our servicemen and women have risked their lives and many have shed their blood in order to win and preserve our democratic way of life.

But recently, some power-seeking politicians and their operatives have threatened our democracy by refusing to accept the outcome of our free and fair elections. Some of them even supported an insurrection designed to negate the will of the people and overturn the results of the most secure presidential election in history. One such individual is the proto-fascist Steve Bannon. Bannon blatantly supported the January 6 attack on our Capitol in Washington, D.C. on his podcast. Congress voted to subpoena Mr. Bannon as part of the ongoing investigation into the infamous events of that day.

But our representative, Pete Stauber, voted against the subpoena. Why? Why is Stauber protecting this despicable man, this neo-fascist, this traitor to his country? Why doesn’t Mr. Stauber want to get to the bottom of this treasonous attack on our democracy, this attempt to thwart the will of the American people? What’s wrong with him?

Perhaps emboldened by Stauber and his ilk, Bannon then refused to honor a congressional subpoena, in another affront to our representative institutions. This should not be tolerated. Fortunately, Bannon has now been indicted on charges of contempt of Congress, no thanks to Stauber.

Please contact Mr. Stauber and demand that he stand up for our free and democratic way of life, instead of protecting those who would take it from us. And if he won’t do that, let’s vote Mr. Stauber out next November!

Brian Vroman

Grand Rapids


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