I am writing this letter in response to the letter the Grand Regional Voices recently published about their principles, mandate and purpose. The letter at first seemed very petty and laughable, but as I gave it some thought, it caused me to question a few things.

First, for the Herald Review. How can you publish a letter full of apparent hearsay, possible slander, and general pettiness? Furthermore, how can you let it be signed by a corporation and not its individual members? It is a cowardly tactic used by bullies when demeaning people.

My favorite accusation was, “Following Mr. Vodenka’s presentation, we learned that, apparently, the Itasca County Republican Party informed their members that they should not attend Mr. Vodenka’s presentation.” This confused me. Did the local GOP inform their members, or just apparently inform them? I wish they would have “learned” that too. And if they did, so what? This is pettiness and supposed hearsay at best. Then you have multiple accusations against Sen. Justin Eichorn. These sound like the complaints of school age children on the playground. It’s also not the first time this corporation has targeted an Eichorn.

My biggest question is to the public. Is this corporation your voice? This is the same group that has opposed everything from city, county, state, and school governments. This is the group that tried to scare you into believing that all new housing was for Muslim immigrants. A group that has condemned anything that helps the less fortunate, such as low-income housing and low-income retail. Certainly, they are not the voice of reason.

This is the same group that ran three of its own board members to be Grand Rapids Mayor and City Council members. After a campaign of their best ideas, all three lost, soundly. Certainly, they are not the voice of the voter.

Now they want you to pay them to come to their presentations to be indoctrinated by their conspiracies, prejudices, and pettiness. As they sit bi-weekly in a dark room, pretending to be enlightened, coming up with new complaints and scare tactics certainly, they are not the voice of our community.

They claim to have a “mandate” that is well known to various people. Who gave them a mandate, or was it self-imposed? Perhaps if you cannot win an election, the best thing to do is form a corporation to complain about the people who do. What a voice!


Chris Reed

Deer River


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