In every election I see DFL ads saying you have to vote for them because you can’t trust the RNC. I just recently tried to find out how many times the DFL had majority power in the state since I was born in 1953. Somehow I could not find that answer on the internet. Most of l my life the DFL was the majority power in Minnesota, so if that is so doesn’t that mean that the vast problems we have (and there are many) in this state is the cause of the DFL?

I know of many people who never voted for any party other than the DFL. In my service in the Air Force I heard from many sergeants who said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of “stupidity.” Being in the Air Force for over 20 years I have had 10 assignments and most of them were overseas. We are so blessed in the USA that the majority of citizens do not realize how blessed they are. And now this country has voted for a demented President and a Vice President. But the worst is that we are running off the cliff to become a socialist country. I know one thing - you may think “wow” with all the free things you may get without “working” for it but it changes rapidly in a socialist country.

You get used to “free” things then you notice that you are told you will do such or such or we will put you to work as a slave. I don’t believe that anyone should be forced to live like that. But not Americans - we voted for it and I hope you enjoy what you are going to get, because the difference is in the USA. The other countries that became socialists didn’t have a choice. But America walked into socialism being happy about it. If there is one thing I want you to remember - you will not be happy with Socialism. May God help us but personally I believe we are going to get what we deserve. Hope you enjoy it when you are all slaves of the state. And the DFL leaders will be using you anyway they want and the only way you will be released from suffering is to die! That is what socialism is and we brought it on ourselves. Enjoy the next few years while you can because history shows that once you let the government control everything it takes everything and everything goes down rapidly. May God bless and forgive the United States of America for being so arrogant that so many of us do not know you. We are the reason the future will be so dark and the dying of America is all our fault.


Thomas McCall

Spring Lake


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