“Truth will ultimately prevail where pain is taken to bring it to light.” - George Washington


This letter is written in response to Mr. Vorman’s letter stating that Senator Eichorn is promoting division rather than unity. Voter ID does not cause division unless you want it to. We are all divided on some issues and don’t agree with each other on everything but that doesn’t mean we are creating division and we certainly don’t want our voices suppressed. Voter ID assures that your vote counts equally with all others and protects your rights as a legal voter. Along with voter ID we need to have a legible, verifiable signature system that can be traced back to each individual. If we don’t have this in our laws then voter fraud can be encouraged and not be traced back to any individual.

Voter ID does not suppress the voter because citizens have to have an ID to drive, purchase goods, apply for housing, banking, etc. In my experience as a single working parent myself I did not find it difficult to show my ID to vote. 

The fact is tensions are high during elections along party lines and each individual is eager to see their party and candidates win. Could voter fraud be an issue? Could there be cheating if given an easy escape with no way of tracing it back? You can be the judge of that! Let’s be honest and try our best to keep improving the integrity in our elections. The phrase “Smoke and mirrors,” means to obscure or embellish the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information. To say Senator Eichorn is promoting division and suppression is just using words to create smoke and mirrors. 


Vernard Hawkinson



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