I am a 22 year old Minnesotan who felt compelled to respond to “We should pay more attention to the youth than argue over the safety of Line 3 (Jan. 19, 2021 Grand Rapids Herald-Review Opinion Page).”

Oh folks… this may come as a surprise to you but, climate change is real. As happy as I am that you don’t have to experience it to the extent we will, I need to state that your opinion is going out of style.

I agree with the writer of the article’s point “we should invest in the education of youth” completely and “we are surrounded by natural resources we should make good use of them in providing for the future of youth”. However the facts and statements about Line3 they provided contradict these statements heavily. Pipelines and drilling oil is not the future because it’s not sustainable. In theory if “we should invest in the future” you would be chaining yourself to a bulldozer.

There are many research studies from both sides of the matter and it comes down to the money. Politicians unfortunately, don’t care about us youth and the planet’s safety as much as we’d like to think. If we weren’t spending money to provide this line we can be spending it investing in us and different jobs that create a more sustainable future. I encourage anyone protecting this beautiful land to keep doing so, with heads held high and hearts full of good intention.


Laurel Prenzlow



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