In response to Randy Ihle letter entitled “Grateful for Line 3.”

There are so many things that I am more grateful for than Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline. I am grateful for clean water, clean air and a healthy ecosystem. All the things that I am grateful for are being put at risk by the heavy crude oil that Line 3 is being built to carry. Being grateful for Line 3 is akin to thanking the arsonists for not lighting your house on fire yet.

Will Randy Ihle be grateful when he isn’t able to fish in his favorite lake because of an oil spill or isn’t able to snowmobile because climate change has resulted in less snow on the trails? All are real possibilities that pipeline supporters conveniently ignore.

He contends that Minnesotans for Line 3 have looked at the “big picture and look forward to the future.” Minnesotans for Line 3 aren’t looking at the big picture, they are looking at their bank accounts. Let’s be honest, the group is made up primarily of companies and individuals who will benefit financially from Line 3 construction. In fact, the group’s founder owned a pipeline construction company.

The benefits being champions are fleeting. They can spin the facts all they want and spew their half-truths but the reality is that the economic benefits of this pipeline will be short-lived. All these jobs aren’t permanent full-time positions and in fact the vast majority of workers aren’t even from our state. What is permanent is the damage our dependence on fossil fuels are doing to the environment. It’s not a coincidence that ice out is earlier every year.

I am grateful that there are Minnesotans that aren’t afraid to voice their opposition to Line 3 and aren’t afraid to address the real big picture and fight to protect our future.

Throwing shade at protestors for fighting for their voices to be heard is straight out of the corporate playbook. And if causing a “ruckus” is what it takes to get people to realize the long-term risks associated with Line 3 and question the pipeline then so be it.

Douglass Keiser



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