This letter is in response to and is an open letter to Senator Justin Eichorn’s letter published in the Herald-Review on May 5, 2021 titled “Voter ID Bill Will Help Protect Election Integrity.”  Senator Eichorn is touting a bill to mandate a photo ID for all voting, including absentee and mail-in voting.

With all the fraudulent activity out there including ID theft, would a photo ID be 100% proof of true identity?  Of course not, so suppose we step this up to a whole new level.

Here’s a ridiculous upgrade to the above: DNA testing, which would require the prospective voter to provide a specimen, would guarantee 100% accuracy.  Votes, of course, could not be counted until later after positive lab results were verified.

Both these methods would have the same effect, that is, to make it harder for the elderly, the poor, students, the transportation challenged, and the disabled, ill, or otherwise health challenged persons to vote.  As ridiculous as this all sounds, what we’re talking about here with both methods is voter suppression.  In other words this means reducing the number of votes that might not favor Republican Senator Eichorn.

Senator Eichorn, if you are really concerned about election integrity, you will instead lobby to make voting accessible to all.  One way to accomplish this may be to work to automatically register all citizens as they reach voting age.  Then, mail ballots to all eligible voters to return either by mail or in-person.  This method would leave very little room for fraud while simplifying voting and saving taxpayers lots of money.  Most importantly, all eligible citizens could vote as in a true democracy.

Let’s forget all non-democratic voter suppression tactics.  Senator Eichorn, if you will work instead with all your peers in the state senate to improve the lives of all your constituents, you will certainly have my support as well as many others for your efforts.


Jack Pick



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