It has been a cold week. When the weather gets bitterly cold vehicles do not start and some stall. That includes police cars. We keep the battery jumper cables close at hand. On the positive side, there have not been many accidents in town.  We did receive a couple of calls on Friday of cars sliding into the ditch with the light dusting of snow.  

Maybe the bitterly cold weather had something to do with the types of calls officers responded to over the weekend. Some of these had some strange twists.

For example, a man called the police to say that his pickup truck broke down and that he had called a wrecker. The problem was that the wrecker could not tow the pickup truck with his snowplow attached to the front of his truck so he had to disconnect it and leave it for a time. He was arranging for another pickup truck to come and get the plow. 

An officer was summoned to check on a car parked next to the curb in the 900 block of NW 9th Street.  The caller stated that the strange car had been parked there for well over an hour, engine running, and nobody around. The officer responded and verified that was indeed the case.  The State showed that the vehicle owner lived in another city. The officer tried to track down the owner. No luck. He also tried locating the owner by tracking his cell phone and then driving to several locations where the phone indicated it was.  No luck. Finally, the owner answered his phone. He refused to explain why he had left his car running at the location for three hours. By then he had retrieved his vehicle. Strange.

Officers responded to assist deputies with a very unusual call. A woman phoned the dispatch center, upset and hyperventilating. She told the dispatcher that she was lying in bed, believed she had died and then came back to life. 

In yet another call, officers responded to see a man who reported that people were “breaking into” his apartment. When officers got there, they asked him how people were getting into this apartment, as there was no sign of forced entry. He told officers that they were coming in from behind the bathroom mirror and through the floor behind his couch. 

Officers were called to a local restaurant on a dispute.  A customer claimed that a waitress threw potato chips onto his lap.  The waitress said that she forgot to bring the chips with his meal and upon remembering did so; set them on the table, at which time the male customer yelled and swore at her.  The owner just wanted that man to leave.  

The cold certainly had an impact on the number of “keys locked in the vehicle” calls we received. We had a dozen calls in which people left their vehicles running so that the cars would stay warm. This included a FedEx delivery driver who found himself locked out of his FedEx truck.

Yep. We will blame the strange calls on the cold weather. Spring cannot come soon enough. 



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