Should one group’s political agenda supersede the rights of individuals who desire a different course for their life? Should we make it illegal for those individuals to get the help they need? To any reasonable person this would seem wrong. Yet we currently have a bill before our Minnesota legislature, House File 12, which unreasonably limits the choices of individuals.

Some individuals experience feelings that they are not the sex they were born to and seek counseling to help them get comfortable with their birth sexuality. This should be called “acceptance therapy” but has been labeled “conversion therapy”.

Conversion Therapy is the provision of support for an individual who is experiencing gender dysphoria but desires to become comfortable with their biological sexuality. This is reasonable, ethical, and compassionate care.

House File 12, if passed, would make it illegal for a “mental health practitioner” to offer conversion therapy to a minor or vulnerable adult, effectively removing the patient’s right to assistance if their choice is to conform to their biological/birth sex. House File 12 places political agendas before the rights of individuals to control their own lives.

Transgender individuals have higher rates of depression, suicide, and substance abuse. When a vulnerable individual is experiencing psychological discomfort with their genetic sex, they have the right, and it is in their best interests from a mental and physical health standpoint, to have access to all medical/counseling options. It is unethical to forbid counselors from helping those who wish an alternative to a transgender or homosexual lifestyle.

Please contact your Minnesota Representative and ask them to vote against House File 12.

Kion Hoffman MD

Deer River


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