Throughout history, despotic, dictatorial, and tyrannical regimes have remained in power only through the ability to control the population. To this end, dissent could not be tolerated and compliance to government mandated edicts required and enforced by any means necessary.

Minnesota and several states have curtailed or suspended the rights guaranteed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution without the right or legal authority to do so. The constitution may not be changed, modified, restricted, or otherwise ignored on the whim of government by edict. Edicts and Executive Orders are not law and are oppression without right or authority of law.

At its basis, control of a population has been sourced by indoctrination; oppressive measures; intimidation; fear; and violence or threat of violence. While each is a separate means, one is useless without the other and all are interrelated. Intimidation includes holding those not complying up for public ridicule, threatening their employment and livelihood and violence or threat of violence. The fear instilled forces compliance through fear of reprisals, arrest and prosecution, imprisonment and, potentially, the removal of loved ones from the home. This intimidation and the fear derived from intimidation violates each and every liberty guaranteed under the Constitution.

To pursue intimidation and to ensure compliance, government uses many agencies of the government. In established despotic governments, the task falls on secret police such as the NKVD and Gestapo, but any government agency can be tasked for the purpose. Because no government agency has sufficient numbers to surveil a large population, they rely on intimidating members of the population to inform on other persons for non-compliance. Those named are intimidated to name other names. In doing so, sufficient numbers of dissidents can be identified and fully intimidated holding them up to swift and public reprisals. This generalizes the intimidation of the population as a whole. Those who inform are targets for further intimidation as they can be intimidated further by threat of public exposure as an informer. The agency, through these means, coerces average American citizens into unwilling agents of government to force compliance to edict. This is a violation of our basic rights and is abhorrent.

The Minnesota Secretary of State has ordered: that masks be worn by all voters and election judges at the polls; that, should a voter refuse to wear a mask he be permitted to vote but the voter must be informed that their name will be sent to the authorities for such refusal; and, election judges must report the individual for such refusal. With his order, the Secretary of State had directed election judges to be informers and inform on their neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and family. The directive is the attempt by the state to turn election judges into intimidation arms of the state without their consent.

We are election judges; we are not informers. I will never intimidate or inform on my neighbors, friends, or family for exercising their constitutional right to vote; not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Nobody should be asked to do so.

John Nelson

Arbo Township


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