The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled that the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the replacement of Line 3 is not sufficient, and that more work needs to be done.

This is ridiculous - it has been the most studied pipeline project ever and after over four years, the approval process is more than done. Minnesota is ready for this project to get started as soon as possible.

This is a $ 2.6 billion project that will bring 8,600 jobs and positively impact the economy all along the replacement route. There are thousands of Minnesotans ready to work on this project, in skilled, high-paying jobs.

Even better, this is a private investment. Enbridge is willing to pay for an infrastructure project that costs about the same as two and half Vikings stadiums, and taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill.

Regulatory processes are important, but they don’t need to take over four years to complete. We’ve gone through the studying, meeting, commenting, and multiple approvals. This recent ruling about more work being needed for the EIS is another unnecessary roadblock. How much more taxpayer money needs to be wasted in preventing Minnesotans from getting to work on this project?

Shane Mekeland

Clear Lake


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