The June 28th letter to the editor from Dr. Glenn Pearson about Black Lives Matter literally made my jaw drop. It would seem that a person who had the intelligence to become a doctor would know better than to make some of the false assertions and half-truths in his letter.

Dr. Glenn states that “Authorities reported preplaced pallets of bricks and Molotov cocktails in targeted neighborhoods with rioters then being directed to them via encrypted communication networks.” This is absurd and the only question is whether Dr. Glenn actually knows it’s absurd and wants to spread a certain message anyway or is he just ignorant? The first question about his statement is: which authorities say this? If we dig into the “preplaced pallets” theory we find no such thing. is a fact checking website that isn’t affiliated with any group or political party; they are an independent fact finder. Snopes states “‘Suspicious’ bricks depicted on social media were on streets for ongoing construction projects, not ‘planted’ for protestors.”

And who knows what the good doc is even talking about with the so-called encrypted communication networks. Does he really think all the protesters knew about and had access to such a network? Does anyone really think that? There is zero evidence that preplaced pallets or any secret communication network existed.

Then the doc shows that he’s not just racist he’s also sexist when he brings the founder of Planned Parenthood into the mix. Really, Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood in one letter to the editor? Covering a lot of fake ground here doc. Dr. Glenn states that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood had a vision to “exterminate the Negro population.”

This is an old saw that such luminaries as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Herman Cain along with many in the Republican party like to trot out every so often. Ms. Sanger had some views that many of us may not agree with but she certainly didn’t want to kill black folks, in fact the exact opposite is true. She was worried that this would be a possible perception of Planned Parenthood so she wrote a letter to prominent black minister’s seeking their help to dispel this myth. Perhaps the wording in her letter wasn’t the most eloquent but her heart was in the right place. I question whether Dr. Glenn’s heart is.

If Dr. Glenn’s numbers are correct about the number of black abortions being performed (and that’s a big if given the many other false statements in his letter) shouldn’t we look at some of the causes (lack of health care, poverty, systemic racism, etc.) rather than blame Ms. Sanger whose stated mission was to empower women to make their own reproductive choices? All women. Or is that Dr. Glenn’s actual problem, too many women making their own choices?

It is past time for all of us to have an honest conversation about what we can do with the lack of equality, the lack of equal treatment for blacks, people of color and women. Again, does Dr. Glenn know his statement’s are absurd but wants his racist and sexist messages out there or is he just ignorant? Let’s move past this absurd rhetoric and have an honest conversation about issues that trouble all of us.

Lisa Whelan

Grand Rapids


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