This letter is in response to a recent letter by Catherine McLynn of Grand Rapids who supports Pete Stauber for Congress. I disagree as Quinn Nystrom is our DFL endorsed candidate and I’ll explain why.

First, Pete Stauber has voted over 90% of the time in line with President Trump’s policies which hurt us every day at the grocery store, in regard to health and to a state of general fear and violence in our country. It’s time to move on from Trump-ism.

Catherine stated that Stauber has a 100% pro-life voting record. To Pete Stauber, profile means judgement, control and denied access to contraception and healthcare including prenatal healthcare. He has done nothing to reduce abortions and his actions may actually have the opposite effect. That’s not pro-life but cruelty.

Quinn Nystrom does not judge but instead would address the causes of abortion and prenatal death. She supports making contraception totally and freely available which alone is said to reduce abortion by over 40%. She supports addressing healthcare, food security, fair wages, poverty and much more, all which contribute to a higher abortion rate. That’s real pro-life!

Quinn Nystrom will accept no corporate PAC money because she will work for you and m e, not big money. Quinn will always work toward our true best interests whether we vote for her or not. She has already proved this through her advocacy work in healthcare, especially prescription drug prices at the national and state level as well as her role in local politics.

Do vote on or before Nov. 3 for real representation and for real pro-life. Vote for Quinn Nystrom for Congressional District 8 Representative!

Jack Pick



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