Our county commissioners are being pressured to take public stands on social issues that are outside the purview of county government. If commissioners are urged by political factions to make official pronouncements on debates and social issues that currently divide us, where will it end?

Will Commissioners vote on county resolutions like these?


That, in Itasca County at least, America is a Christian nation.

That Itasca County opposes licensed retailing of cannabis product.

That Itasca County is a refuge for unregulated gun use and ownership.

That women in Itasca County are required to have babies, and teenagers prohibited from birth control.

And so on.

These and other symbolic resolutions, while having absolutely no effect on policy or practice, will create angry political theater, help further polarize our community, and distract from the commissioners’ work of managing the county’s business.

Michael Goldberg

Grand Rapids


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