After witnessing the revolting sycophancy of the Republican Senators during the impeachment proceedings against Donald J. Trump, there is no doubt the description of the Senate as the “world’s greatest deliberative body” will be tossed into the dustbin of history.

I continue to be in shock that this uneducated, grifting, racist, narcissistic, white supremacist has now been given license to do as he chooses, no matter how dangerous or detrimental to the safety and well-being of all our citizens. It was apparent early on in his campaign, he was unfit for the office of the presidency (or any office), and within a few months it was alarmingly obvious.

“Process” was frequently referenced in regard to Clinton’s impeachment trial. Many of the same senators in Trump’s trial had no problem judging Clinton’s behavior which, while reprehensible, did not jeopardize the security of American citizens. The senators could focus and salivate over every prurient detail for almost two years, at a great cost to the taxpayers. “But, Clinton lied!” I would like a nickel for every man who has lied about an extra marital affair. I think I would probably be quite wealthy.

Somehow many of those voyeurs could close their eyes to a president who had no qualms about trying to hold back desperately needed aid to an ally, in exchange for “dirt” on who he thought might be a political opponent. He had invited Russian aid in the 2016 election, and there is ample evidence they did indeed interfere. Their useful idiot now holds the highest office in our land. He is a clear and present danger to everything decent, hard working Americans hold dear.

The hue and cry of the Republicans has been to remove a bad president at the ballot box. Trusting the vote, when Trump has already blatantly attempted to cheat, leads to the just belief our systems will be rigged. The refusal of the White House to allow witnesses, and ignore subpoenas during the impeachment screams guilty. With the exception of Mitt Romney, Republicans senators closed their eyes, betrayed their oaths, and shredded the Constitution. No President should be above the law, and especially this one. Allowing this corrupt, grifter to go unchecked is criminal and threatens every safety net now in place. Regardless of the possible vote tampering, we must have another huge “Blue Wave,” from the office of the presidency to across all elected offices.

Whatever it takes, we must rid ourselves of this fascist leader in order to preserve our democracy. Cuts to Medicare, Social Security, affordable health care, environmental safety regulations, and general rules of law are all at stake.

Jackie Dowell

Grand Rapids


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