With the election being mostly decided in Minnesota and it appears likely that our state government will be divided. This means we need to use this as an opportunity to move forward and work together for the good of the state.

It is no secret that things have been tough in Minnesota with everything that has happened from COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our economy.

We need to work together and help this state move forward. One thing that we can do to help the state as a whole is make sure the Line 3 Replacement Project moves forward with construction.

Allowing Line 3 to begin construction this year will help our state in many ways.

First it will allow our state refineries to be supplied with petroleum in the safest most reliable way, which is through a new state-of-the-art pipeline.

This pipeline will also put thousands of Minnesotans to work. Over 4,000 skilled union laborers will be employed on this project across Northern Minnesota for an extended period of time. What should not get lost is that Line 3 comes in with a price tag of over $2 billion, none of which is tax-payer money.

This project is right for Minnesota and has maintained bipartisan support. It will help our economy, it will protect our environment, and it looks out for the best interest of the people of this state. Once the final permits are issued construction will begin and our economy can take a big step forward.

Pat Medure

Chair of Range Association of Municipalities & Schools

Mountain Iron, Minn.


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