Too many doctors are forgetting this part of their Hippocratic oath. To deal with opioid deaths they are listening to DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and not treating addicts, pain patients, and others who need treatment that isn’t always abstinence. So some people who get cut off from legal meds go to street drugs for their medication. And they die.

We need our care givers to give care, and opioids are a treatment, a good one, for many types of pain. Right now MDs are spouting that they give pain meds for nothing but a broken bone. If I had a bad gallbladder they wouldn’t give pain meds. If my back is ruined they wouldn’t, even a kidney stone! Opium has been an effective pain med for 5,000 years.

I am not talking about Oxycontin and Fentanyl. Although some people do respond to them. But like Prince, who died from adulterated Vicodin, too many adulterated drugs are sold on the streets to people who should never have been turned away by their doctors. So prescribe them or legalize them and stop killing people, especially the young ones who get the most broken bones, high doses of meds, then cut off.

I came here from California with a ruined back on opioids long term, the doctors here didn’t even help me with withdrawal. Just cut me off. I’m 66, do not abuse meds, never have. They didn’t care.

Ruth A. Vaillette



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