We are PROject Heartbeat; an organization formed in March, 2019 in Hibbing, whose members reside on the Iron Range. We formed in reaction to legislation enacted in the states of New York and Virginia which allow abortion through nine months and post-birth. Minnesota has similar laws due to a 1995 Minnesota court ruling.

At what point is abortion murder? At eight weeks from fertilization an unborn baby reacts to touch and “recent medical research and analysis” have proven that by 20 weeks unborn children can and do react to pain. They smile, hiccup and even suck their thumbs.

Many more Americans are taking a stand to protect the unborn. Minnesota Representative Peggy Scott (Andover) and Senator Michelle Bensen (Ham Lake) have authored “the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” The bill would ban abortions at 20 weeks post-fertilization, unless, in a physicians medical judgment an abortion is necessary to prevent the mother’s death or physical impairment of a major bodily function, not including psychological or emotional conditions. An abortion after 20 weeks must provide every opportunity for the baby to survive outside of the womb. A person performing an abortion after 20 weeks outside of these parameters would be guilty of a felony.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a step forward in protecting the lives of our most vulnerable citizens – our unborn. PROject Heartbeat supports this bill and urges all Minnesotans to lend their voices in support for the protection of the unborn children.

The mission of PROject Heartbeat is to foster non-governmental programs that assist and promote adoption; provide support of other pro-life organizations; and furthering growth of Minnesotans understanding of the Right to Life.

To join PROject Heartbeat call 218-969-2496 and state that you are interested in PROject Hearbeat. We welcome more community involvement in our project.

Cathy Timmerman, Ginny Dyhkus, Dan Erickson, Carol Galatz, Rita Giesler, Betty Given, Patty Jacobson, Gene & Laura Kowarsch, John Krhn, David Langfeld, Wanda Lerol, Joanne Lipovetz, Ted Lovdahl, Dan & Laura Lubahn, Sherri Marinucci, Gretchen Mayer, Richard & Kerry Milani, Al & Dale Ogren, Suzan and Mike Schwartz, Clarice Swenson, Tracey Wakeman, Gerald & Wendy Williams, Lori Barg, John & Anne Varda, Dona & Joe Seeba, Susie Marchetti, Lynn McHale, Steph Potocnik, Cedelia & Zig Rutchasky, Anne Bradley, Mary Jo Fetzik, Mike Vesel, Phillis Jundt, Mike Stewart, Tom and Val Potocnik


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