We’ve talked about plastic year after year -

The pollution it causes - the creatures that die -

The oceans and rivers all filled up with trash -

A problem that none of us dares to deny.

We thought that a poem would be sort of fun

To remind lots of people of some of the ways

You can help keep our planet from being a mess -

They just take a moment on our busiest days.

Please remember the bags stashed in your cars -

We love seeing them carried in shops and in stores.

So keep them in view however is best -

In your cars, your backpacks, or hung on your doors.

Say “No” to the straws that most do not need.

Mom taught us to drink from the rim of a cup -

From the edge of a glass without any straws

We were able to easily drink our milk up.

And those bottles of water that cost us a bunch -

Don’t waste your money - they’re a corporate trap.

Just use your own bottle day after day

And fill to the brim from your very own tap.

Our thanks to all who have done the right thing.

We see you in stores and shops at the mall -

We see that you care for the land and the sea

And for all of God’s creatures, great and small.

Pat Helmberger

Barb Veit

Co-chairs BYOBag


Grand Rapids Area Earth



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