I was disappointed to find a letter to the editor not signed by the writer but only by an organization. I am responding to the letter from the Grand Regional Voices (GRV) in the Sunday, July 18, 2021, issue of the Herald-Review.

Statements made in that letter to the editor are not true. They are false. I had a letter to the editor dated March 5, 2021, and subsequently published in the Herald-Review which informed people that the organization in our prior location was not in any way affiliated with the Republican Party. I did not identify the organization in that letter. Recently after a contact was initiated by a member of the GRV, I spoke briefly with that member. I pointed out that individuals seeking Republican endorsement for office are best served by working within the Republican Party. That is the extent of my interaction with the GRV.

The Itasca Republican Party is focused on supporting candidates who will best represent and work for our communities. Currently, we have excellent representation from Congressman Pete Stauber, Sen. Justin Eichorn, Rep. Spencer Igo and Rep. Matt Bliss. Additionally, we seek to provide information on issues facing us as individuals, as a state and as a nation. This remains our mission and purpose - nothing more. 

Since the prior letter referenced one of their speakers, I would like to take the time to mention a speaker the Itasca Republicans have coming Sept. 23, 2021 for a fundraising event. Tana Geortz was a key strategist for President Trump’s Iowa campaign and will be speaking on “Rewriting the Political Handbook.” It should be an interesting evening. Look for details on the Itasca GOP Facebook page and advertised throughout the Northland. 

The Itasca Republican Party is on the move, active and gearing up for 2022. We are here to advance conservative values and welcome participation from like minds. 


Diane Howe, Chair

Itasca County Republicans


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