This letter is in response to a recent letter by Representative Pete Stauber published in several sources where he expresses concern about election integrity. I agree that much can and should be done on this issue.

I list here a number of actions that Representative Stauber could take to make the election process in our country more fair and secure.

First, our representative could introduce legislation to eliminate the Electoral College so that every vote would count in future elections. Case in point: in Minnesota 1,484,065 votes for Trump did not count because all Minnesota’s electoral votes were assigned to Joe Biden. A further benefit of eliminating the electoral system would be to save countless administrative hours and significant taxpayer dollars.

If Representative Stauber is truly concerned about voter integrity, he needs to support the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2020 already passed by congress. Doing away with gerrymandering which stacks votes in favor of one party or another would work toward fairness. Doing away with all voter suppression tactics and assuring that all voters can vote with ease would do the same.

Voter registration could be dramaticaly simplified if all citizens reaching voting age were automatically registered to vote. Again, this would eliminate huge amounts of administrative time and taxpayer expense.

And then there is the matter of cyber security. Threats to voter security which are becoming ever more possible require a strong government cyber security presence.

Along with that is instituting voting systems that assure paper backup to the votes.

Because the next election cycle is always on the horizon, the time to begin working on these election issues is now.

Representative Stauber, if you are seriously interested in voter integrity as you say you are, you will take up some of these issues now and over the next two years, and you will be representing all of your constituents equally and well.


Jack Pick




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