Senator Eichorn joined in creating more red tape and hassle for a problem that doesn’t exist. I’m referring to the new voter ID bill that the Minnesota Senate has approved. This bill adds more requirements to vote without doing anything to help people vote more easily. Eichorn, and the rest of the Republicans buying into this nonsense, are in search of a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Republicans, hear this: your guy lost in November. Sorry this upsets you so much but he lost fair and square in the most safe and secure election in our history. Every lawsuit that has been brought has been dismissed by all judges, yes even Republican judges, and yes even Trump-appointed judges. Eichorn states his legislation will “ensure the integrity of our elections.”

There was no voter fraud in the 2020 election, there is no voter fraud issue anywhere in the U.S. Integrity in our elections is not an issue.

Eichorn states that the bill is broadly popular and cites surveys supporting this. There are also surveys showing unpopularity for changes making it more difficult to vote. The majority of the American people understand that all these restrictive new voting laws aren’t necessary. Searching for solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist.

The Covid relief bill recently signed into law by President Biden is hugely popular. The upcoming infrastructure and American Families bills are popular but will likely be passed with zero Republican support. The Republicans are now taking credit for the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package even though they ALL voted against it. Why don’t you try initiating and supporting legislation that actually addresses existing issues, one that helps instead of making things like voting harder for people Senator Eichorn? Republicans don’t have anything concrete to show so they have to come up with unneeded “solutions” to non-existent problems. It’s getting really old and tiresome and the American people see what you are doing.

Look at Florida where they’ve passed a restrictive mail-in voting law making it harder for everyone to vote. This comes after years, decades even, of the Replican party there working hard to train their voters, many elderly or military, to vote by mail. They’ve spent a fortune convincing these voters to vote by mail and now they’ve shot themselves in the foot by making it harder to do so. You’re all just spinning your wheels and Eichorn is leading the way over the cliff.

Republicans trying to make it harder to vote actually know that Trump lost and Biden won fair and square but they have to tow the party line and pretend to believe the big lie. Or are they really that ignorant? I’m not sure which is worse for our country. Republicans can either join in and help America move forward or get out of the way. Either way it’s all going to get done.


Lisa Whelan

Grand Rapids


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