My sister-in-law recently shared a post on Facebook that I know wasn’t an easy one for her to do. Mothers’ Day isn’t just about celebrating with your mother, or being celebrated because you are a mother and snuggling or spending time with those sweet little babes, no matter how big or small, you brought into this world. It is so much more than that. It read:

For those who have lost a mother. For the mother who has lost a child. For the one who longs to be a mom.

You are not forgotten this Mother’s Day. You are in my prayers and sending love your way!

This Mother’s Day, I’m showing my appreciation for my mom and mother-in-law, as these two women are truly remarkable. They have been my rock, my go-to for support and full of knowledge for when days are trying.

Yet, I’m able to share successes and big accomplishments with them, and they are our kids’ biggest cheerleaders.

I’m also celebrating my youngest sister whom is a first-time momma, to a sweet little girl named Ellie, and to my middle sister whom is expecting their second child in September.

My heart and prayers go out to some of my family members, whom have been trying to become a mom for the third time. The hope and pain you are faced with each day, can’t possibly be understood by anyone other than someone else who has gone through the same.

My excitement goes out to my husband’s cousin who is experiencing her first Mother’s Day, with a non-biological child, and several cousins who brought home their first child.

I pray that those whom have lost a mother, are able to hold onto memories, and somehow, someway, find a way to be at peace.

I pray for the mother who has lost a grown child, that she is able to find ways to cope with her sadness and find outlets to be comforted by.

And to my sister-in-law, and some dear close friends, whom have given birth to stillborns. May you find ways to support other women and come together and form connections with one-another who are going through the similar heartache as you.

I hope for my parents, whom still have both their mother’s, truly appreciate how lucky they still are to have these two kind-hearted, women in their life.

At least in my house, mom’s are often the person that is up the latest, making sure the clothes are clean for the next day. The one making sure the kids have outfits laid out for the week, or that all items are in the backpack for school the next day.

Moms are the one that make the grocery list, do the grocery shopping and most of the meal-prep. The mom in our house is the one that often times finds the way to make two fighting kids, appreciate each other again.

The one who keeps the house clean. Pays the bills. Plans the birthday party. Knows when all the birthday’s are. The mom in our house tries her best to make sure everyone is happy. The mom in this house is there for when her kids’ just need a hug, a smile or to be told they are loved.

The mom in this house, kisses the knee that has been freshly scraped on the concrete.

The mom in our house, gives herself grace and understands there are going to be good days where we feel like we have it all together, and days that we feel like nothing is together.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate ALL mother’s in your life. And help ensure they give themselves grace.


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