Four people dead, 52 arrested, significant damage to the Capital.   

The riot was instigated by Donald Trump. He is guilty of treason. He is guilty of sedition, He is guilty of manslaughter.

He is guilty of at least six other federal laws.

Americans who have supported him, made excuses for him, enabled him, identified with his racist views, bear the responsibility.  The evidence was there from the start that he is a deranged narcissistic with psychopathic tendencies.

Trump is a cult leader and for his adherents facts don’t matter. The Evangelicals proclaimed he was sent by God. The rule of law didn’t matter. The Constitution didn’t matter.  Trump proved that a significant portion of the American population is as easily manipulated and lead as a herd of cattle with a bucket of grain.  

Biden now has the task of bringing this country back to a sane footing where scientists and experts are listened to and respected.  We have come back from crisis before. We can prove it to the world and to ourselves we can actually be a ‘Christian’ minded people  if we come together as a nation and pledge never to let such a travesty occur ever again.


Terry Mejdrich



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