We often hear more bad stories than good in the newspaper, so I wanted to shed a little light on the positives of the Line 3 pipeline project and the good that it has brought to Northern Minnesota.

While Grand Rapids is not directly on the Line 3 route, our town does act as a staging area and hub for the project. We get workers, equipment and trucks traveling into and through our town, and their presence is being greatly appreciated.

Nearly 6,000 workers have been hired on the project in total since construction began at the end of 2020. Not only are Minnesota families bringing home a paycheck, but out of town workers and their spending has been an incredible addition to our communities as well.

At the IM Hotel, we saw our first full occupancy in a year thanks to Line 3 pipeline workers. Talking to other business owners, they too are seeing an incredible boost in business because of this pipeline and their workers. It has allowed us to bring on more staff, give them more hours, and has kept our town (and hundreds of others) going after a brutal 2020. What’s even more exciting, is these pipeliners are such a warm, friendly addition to our communities.

We are so grateful for the Line 3 pipeline project currently underway, and simply want to share a little good news with the readers.


Kris Ives

General Manager

IM Hotel

Grand Rapids, MN


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