Enbridge’s Line 3 project has proven they are a company committed to protecting our environment and treating our natural resources with respect.  The benefits of the Line 3 project are vast including economic, social, and cultural.  Not only will our communities see immeasurable economic prosperity through investments, but Enbridge has also made it a top priority to build relationships with our Tribal neighbors. 

In fact, the Line 3 replacement project undertook the first of its kind Tribal Cultural Resources Study which was led by the Fond du Lac Band. Currently, they still work with tribal construction monitors whose role is to make sure that the tribes’ cultural resources are protected throughout the construction process.  This has led to significant work opportunities for tribal members from an Enbridge investment that surpassed their $100 million pledge.  This training and experience will last a lifetime and allow these hardworking men and women to bring these skills with them to different job opportunities in the future.  

Construction on Line 3 has led to more than 5,000 good paying jobs thus far.  Communities along the pipeline route have seen a substantial boost due to the large amount of construction workers.  Once complete, this project will also nearly double the property tax that Minnesota receives.  These are precisely the kind of funds our state desperately needs for further infrastructure projects.  

The fact of the matter is that our country is still heavily reliant on the use of petroleum products.  The Line 3 replacement will continue to allow our access to this vital resource with the least amount of environmental impact possible.  I believe Enbridge has shown themselves to be an exemplary company whose values prove they can be both socially responsible and environmentally mindful.  They have proven over the last six years of this project. 


Ryan Troumbly

Mayor of Taconite

Taconite, Minn.


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