A recent letter to the editor in the Stillwater Gazette stated exactly what is wrong with Line 3 pipeline opponents’ positions.

First, the author claimed that oil is a dying industry. While it may be fair to say society and many industries are looking at ways to modernize our energy industry toward cleaner and greener energy, oil is going to be around for the foreseeable future. This means it’s crucial that we maintain and update our pipelines, just like we maintain and update our roads.

The author is also clearly misinformed by saying the Line 3 project has “very little benefit for Minnesota.” As a small business owner along the pipeline route, I actually chuckled at that line. This was the same thing people said when the new St. Croix River Crossing was being built – yet people in Stillwater saw the positive impact from not only construction work but the project’s longer-term impact.

I encourage you to travel to any of the 14 counties along the Line 3 route and talk to business owners or employees in the local coffee or hardware shops. This project, in just six months has had extraordinary benefits, without which, I believe more jobs would have been lost and more businesses closed in Northern Minnesota.

Plus, just look at the numbers. Enbridge spends over $40 million in Minnesota on property taxes – a number that will increase greatly after completion of the project. Enbridge has invested more than $3 billion on this project, something hundreds of companies are cherishing after a brutal 2020.

It is one thing to look at the future, but to completely ignore what our state, country and people need to live, breathe and work every day is ignorant. The Line 3 pipeline benefits greatly outweigh the negatives, and we must remember that.

Dave Lange

Owner Lange Nursery & Landscaping

Past Member of Minnesota Landscape Association Environmental Concerns Committee

U of M Erosion & Stormwater Management Certified

Member Hill City Council

Hill City, MN


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