Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) sent a letter to Governor Walz, demanding that he work with state legislative leaders to provide Greater Minnesota with their share of federal funds allocated by the CARES Act over 12 weeks ago. While Minneapolis and St. Paul received funds from the CARES Act months ago, local governments in Greater Minnesota have received nothing to date.

In his letter, Congressman Stauber said (in part):

“Congress and President Trump did their part over twelve weeks ago by providing immediate financial assistance through the CARES Act to communities throughout the country in response to this pandemic. I spoke to you during our Congressional Delegation calls and wrote to you nearly a month ago imploring you to work with the legislature to allocate the needed local share of the $2.2 billion. To date, your leadership has failed to deliver for Greater Minnesota. News reports confirmed last week there was broad agreement among legislative leaders to immediately allocate $841 million to local government in Greater Minnesota. Then earlier this week, on a strong bipartisan vote of 62-4, the Minnesota Senate passed this agreed upon legislation.

“Today, I am appalled to learn you and House Democrats have decided to renege on last week’s bipartisan agreement. In case you are unaware, recent Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development data has revealed that your inequitable shelter in place order has resulted in the highest level of unemployment within my congressional district. To the distress of many, you have insisted on the inclusion of unnecessary policy initiatives that arbitrarily blocked the ability to send this much needed relief to Greater Minnesota. These unnecessary initiatives have nothing to do with disbursing the federal assistance for local government defined in the CARES Act. This unilaterally signals to Greater Minnesota that we are only a bargaining chip to you. Minneapolis and St. Paul received their funding months ago, yet communities in Greater Minnesota continue to be held hostage by your lack of leadership.”


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