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In today’s world, there are multitudes of people who feel totally unloved. One way this is obvious is by looking in the news and seeing someone killing over 20 people in Texas. Rape and murder seems to be more prevalent than at any time in the past hundred years! Why? They are angry and feel unloved. Is this true? Doesn’t anyone love them?

I see many people who are happy and content and filled with joy. Why is there such a difference wherever you look? These contented people have many problems but they have joy! Why? The difference is they are loved by their Creator God and they have chosen to accept the love that Jesus has for them!!


By Karen Grife

When the rain comes to stay

That’s the time I choose to pray

When the night time falls on me

That’s when I choose to hit my knee

When the sunshine fills the sky

I choose to sing His praise on high

He is always on my mind

And in my heart all the time

The Lord has blessed this child so

And with His guidance I will grow

To know His will blessed me

His truths I hope the world can see

He gave us all the will to choose

And with his love we cannot lose

The choice is ours to pledge our love

He sends us His mercy and grace from above

The incredible thing is that God has unbelievable love for each of His creation. He created us as a race when He put Adam and Eve in the garden. They really enjoyed God as they fellowshipped together all the time! It was wonderful. Then they sinned and were cast out. Until we get to heaven, mankind cannot look in the face of God and live because of our sin.


By Charlie Grier

Listen, WORLD, I must tell all

The way it really is.

The real me is horribly bad.

I’m hateful, mean and very sad.

The nice good things I do and say –

It’s all an act to cover me.

God then replies to me. He said:

“You gave your heart to me.

You’re clean and pure, forgiven – free!

Once a child of Satan

You’re now a child of me

With my nature of purity.”

“But isn’t the bad things I do really me?”

I asked my loving Lord.

“I thought my good deeds were phony and fake

And life a tormenting hell.

Why nobody likes me once they see

The awful person that’s really me!”

“No! No! My child . . . open my Book

I have explained it all carefully there.

And now that you’re mine, it’s My nature you have.

So the good that you do is the real new you

And the bad is when self and Satan shows through.

It’s not really you!”

“Oh, this is SO GREAT! Such wonderful news.

Can it really be true?

When I’m living for You and doing Your will

My new nature shows through?

I’m a new creature in Christ and the good

That I do is the real me too?”

Search me, oh Lord, and see if there be

Any wicked or evil in me.

Make me clean and keep me clean

For on Thy wisdom I totally lean

And if it is suffering you ask of me;

I’ll do it for Thee.

God could have destroyed all of mankind but He didn’t. He wants a wonderful, glorious relationship with us. Hard to believe but it is true. So why do some people with incredible problems have unbelievable joy and others just want to kill someone? Because the first group found Jesus as Savior, Lord and Friend! Joy became the intense passion in their lives!

I loved and believed in Jesus as a child and never really deliberately turned my back on Him. But as a teenager, I strayed into sin and lost all my joy. For about four years I was absolutely miserable until one day I fell on my face before Him and asked Him to come and cleanse me and help me live for Him. I told Him I could not go on this way. I had to know His joy and peace because without it life wasn’t worth living. He came down in power and cleansed me and filled me with His love.

Wow! I’ve never experienced anything quite as wonderful before or after and I am now 75! My life has been a beautiful and incredible journey with Jesus! My suggestion to you is to enter into His love as well!


By Ken Z. Scott

My Father loves YOU deeply

About this I dare not lie,

The height, the width, the depth

Of it far greater than the sky.

He does not have an end to all

The love that He pours out.

He’ll overflow your cup and then

He won’t turn off the spout.

He’ll reach right down from Heaven

And He’ll wipe away your tears.

He’ll fold you in His loving arms

Relieving all your fears.

His grace will overwhelm you

As He throws away your past.

He’ll rejoice with Heaven’s angels

Since you came to Him at last.

Just turn your eyes to Jesus,

Take a look at what He gave.

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,

The freedom from the grave.

I pray you all can recognize

The facts that you’ve just read.

He’ll do all this and more

Unless you wait until you’re dead!



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