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“Take my yoke on you and become like me, for I am gentle and without pride, and you will have rest for your souls;” Mat 11:29

I was so impressed with Jesus being gentle this week as I read this verse. He says to be like Him and to copy Him. As we study the gospels, it is mind boggling at all the things He did that we are to copy.

How can we be like Him? He never sinned. Self and the enemy could not trip Him up so where are we in that? Are we always gentle and without pride? No! Isn’t this an impossible request He is asking of us?

Here is a poem my father, Charles P. Grier wrote where he is expressing some of these frustrations.


By Charlie Grier

Listen, WORLD, I must tell all

The way it really is.

The real me is horribly bad.

I’m hateful, mean and very sad.

The nice good things I do and say

It’s all an act to cover me.

God then replies to me. He said:

You gave your heart to me.

You’re clean and pure, forgiven free!

Once a child of Satan

You’re now a child of me

With my nature of purity.

But isn’t the bad things I do really me?

I asked my loving Lord.

I thought my good deeds were phony and fake

And life a tormenting hell.

Why nobody likes me once they see

The awful person that’s really me!

No! No! My child . . . open my Book

I have explained it all carefully there.

And now that you’re mine, it’s My nature you have.

So the good that you do is the real new you

And the bad is when self and Satan shows through.

It’s not really you!’

Oh, this is SO GREAT! Such wonderful news.

Can it really be true?

When I’m living for You and doing Your will

My new nature shows through?

I’m a new creature in Christ and the good

That I do is the real me too?

Search me, oh Lord, and see if there be

Any wicked or evil in me.

Make me clean and keep me clean

For on Thy wisdom I totally lean

And if it is suffering you ask of me;

I’ll do it for Thee.

Here is the secret for copying Jesus. We have to know Him and belong to Him. When we realize that we are lost sinners in need of His Salvation, we go to Him and ask Him to forgive us and cleanse us.

Then we begin to live for Him. We get involved with other believers and read our Bible and pray every day. We do not have to start out reading for hours but to take a few minutes and read at least a chapter and spend a few minutes in prayer will really help us.


By Charlie Grier

Hope of the hopeless Friend of the lost,

Jesus my Savior once came.

Sight He restored to those who were blind,

He healed the sick and the lame.

Courage He brought to those in distress

Comfort for all who are sad.

And best of all, was His loving heart’s call:

Come unto Me weary and rest.

I too was lost in the mire of sin!

Helpless was I, blind and lame.

Courage He brought to my darkened soul

As to my life Jesus came.

Courage He brought and strength He restored.

He broke my fetters in twain!

My life was sad but He made my heart glad!

And I rest in His love and His grace.

Wonderful Jesus! Wonderful Lord!

Blessed companion is He!

He will sustain me unto the end

He said: I’ll not forsake thee.

Tho I have wondered, He remains true

Tho I fail, He never fails!

He died for me on that old rugged tree,

But He lives and He reigns in my heart!

I find it very exciting that as we grow more and more in the love of Jesus, He helps us to be able to do His will with joy. He says to research what He has done in the Bible and do that. So one thing He says is to get rid of pride and be gentle.

As we strive to be gentle, we could follow this unknown person’s advice and keep our eyes and hearts open to help everyone God sends our way.


Author Unknown

Someone needs your sympathy,

Your words of comfort sweet;

You’ll find him somewhere if you look,

Perhaps he’s on the street . . .

A teacher who has done her best

To educate your child;

Or man in business, worn and tired,

Whose brain is almost wild.

Somebody needs your sympathy

A beggar by the way;

Or father bent with many cares,

Who longs to hear you pray;

Or maybe some poor sinner lost,

Because you past him by;

Or wretched soul that’s strayed from God

Who very soon shall die.

Somebody needs your sympathy,

Within a prison cell,

Though guilty of a crime, yet he

Would like to hear you tell

The story of redemption true,

For all whose souls are saved

From evils, sin and wickedness

That have his life enslaved.

-Osterhus Publishing House

Let’s deliberately spend more time with Jesus, laying our pride at His feet and asking for humility and ask Him to help us speak gently to everyone.We can be firm and non-compromising and still have God’s love fill us so we speak the way He wants. When we are tempted to yell: we send an SOS to the Lord, take a deep breath and speak gently. God says we can do this, so let’s let Him take our hand and lead us in how to react.


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