Scott Johnson

With the warm weather of summer, officers are responding to a number of calls that are, well, a bit unusual. For example:

June 8 - Officers received a report of a twenty something year old man who just left a local business after making some strange comments. Officers located the vehicle and stopped it. The taillights were spray painted over with orange paint. When officers engaged in a conversation with the man, they found his comments to be a bit different but he seemed to be able to care for himself, was not violating any law and was released.

A couple hours later, officers were called to a local motel where the man was yelling at people sitting on the patio and in the lobby. By the time officers got there, the man had driven off.

Ninety minutes later, a resident some distance away called for officers to respond as a man had pulled up in a pickup truck in front of his house, got out and started asking some personal questions. Officers stopped the vehicle a short distance away and suggested that the man return to his home in another town to the east.

June 12 - A Hibbing man called stating he sold a boat to a Grand Rapids man and has not been paid everything he is owed. He wanted the police to go arrest the man and retrieve his boat. Officers explained that this was a civil matter. When officers asked when this transaction occurred the man replied, “Three years ago.”

June 12 – Officers learned that a man who had an active warrant out for his arrest was at a person’s apartment. They went to the apartment and knocked on the door. They explained to the tenant why they were there and who they had come to arrest. The tenant denied the man was there. When officers told the tenant he could be charged for harboring a felon, the tenant opened the door and pointed to the closet. The wanted man was arrested and jailed.

June 13 - Officers were called to the drive-up window at a fast food restaurant for a male that refused to leave. Upon arrival, the man was parked in his car, blocking the drive-up lane. They spoke with him and he explained that he believes the meal he recently purchased tasted bad. He was refusing to leave until he was refunded his money. Officers convinced him to move out of the drive-up lane and the matter up with the restaurant manager.

June 16 - A man called the police department stating there are many people driving down Highway 2 with their music too loud.

June 16th - Staff at a local group home called for an officer to respond. One resident allegedly stole $2 from another resident.

June 16th - A man called for a police officer to respond to her residence. She explained to officers that someone moved her husband’s bike off the porch onto the sidewalk that she should not have to pick it up and move it back onto the porch. The officer moved the bicycle back onto the porch.

June 17 - A man called the police station, explaining that the courts have issued an Order for Protection against him, as sought by his former significant other. The order states he can have no contact with her. He asked that an officer arrange for him to have their child on Father’s Day. He was told that the police department could not arrange for child visitation or authorize violating the Court Order. The officer suggested that he go back to family court and get the matter resolved.

June 17 - A passerby reported finding a woman, unconscious, laying in her driveway. She awakened the woman and realized she was extremely intoxicated. She helped her onto her front porch and used her cell phone to call 9-1-1. A police officer and ambulance were dispatched. When Officer Gary O’Brien arrived, the caller was on the front porch with the woman and still speaking over her cell phone with the dispatcher. At that time, smoke started pouring out of the front door of the house. Gary said to the woman, “Well, you might just as well tell the dispatcher to send the fire department in addition to the ambulance.” The dispatcher did so. The woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The fire department extinguished the fire in the living room that was caused by careless smoking.

We have a favorite saying at the police department, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”


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