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I’ve come to realization. There are days its OK to be a hot mess.

Actually, there are probably more days than not where I’m legit ONE. HOT. MESS. ​

I follow a community page called Sarcastic Mama on Facebook. Some may find the posts funny, others not. Most of the time, I find them wildly entertaining. And often times can relate, usually sending a screenshot of the post to my sisters, or even mom. ​

“Before coffee, I’m a hot mess. ​

After? ​

I’m a wide awake hot mess. So there’s that.” -- Nanea Hoffman ​

This was a recent post on July 2 on Sarcastic Mama. ​

Take this past Wednesday for instance. ​

I ventured out in 80 plus degree weather with almost 100 percent humidity, with two kids, to get groceries for my family and my daycare. ​

Aldi it is. ​

Did I happen to take a look in the mirror before walking out the door? If I would have, I would have noticed my hair was in a messy mom bun on the top of my head as I didn’t have time to put myself together that morning. I also probably looked like I hadn’t showered for a couple days as the kids and I had literally just come out of the sandbox with sunscreen and bug spray caked on us. Add in sweat from the humid July day. Or the bowl of oatmeal that half spilled on my black leggings from the kiddo sitting next to me at breakfast. Or our nine month old who had wiped boogies across my shoulder. ​

Lovely. ​

My daughter did manage to change into clean clothes. And she is at a stage where she wants to pick EVERYTHING out herself. A short pink sundress, teal light-up sneakers, a lei and a large sparkly bow on top of her head. ​

A lady in the store actually made a comment as to how cute she looked, and Olivia grinned happily at her, shrugging her head to her shoulder, saying “thanks. I picked my outfit out myself.” ​

And Aiden was well past having a second nap for the day, but got a second wind once in-store. ​

Most moms with one or more kids can probably relate. Once you have an infant car seat in the shopping cart, it doesn’t leave for much room for groceries. ​

They get piled around, behind and even on top of the child at times. ​

Today he went for the bag of miniature snickers. ​

Smart little man Aiden. ​

We finally get to the checkout, and $236 later, and an entirely rearranged grab and go snack isle by the cashier, we leave the store. An over-this three-year-old hanging off the edge of the cart, a nine month old who really should have rode in the children’s seat in front of the cart in his infant car seat and me trying to push the fully-loaded pre-paid 25 cent cart with one hand, kicking it with my foot as it kept veering to the right. ​

We got this. ​

I’ve found it’s so much easier bagging the groceries out in the vehicle. Being able to turn the dual-screen DVD players on so the kids can watch a movie while I do my business and they beg for snack after snack. ​

However, of course today the DVD players weren’t with us. ​

So the kids sat in the back of my Ford Explorer and watched, while I started to bag. Rewind two steps, and when I quickly started my car, by the time I got back to my hatch, Olivia had already tried folding up the seats with Aiden looking like a taco. ​

Buttons girl. ​


Of course Olivia wanted [like yesterday] HER box of strawberry shortcake ice cream bars she just had to have. Begging to eat one in the vehicle I had just detailed out days before.​

Not happening. ​

Then all of a sudden, a kind Aldi shopper named Emilia, asked if she could help me bag my groceries. I told her it was very nice of her to offer, but I can do it. And she said no, I also have kids [not with], I know how much work this is. ​

Jeez, I must have really looked like a mess.

The world seriously needs more people like this. She was a lifesaver as Aiden was ready to eat himself out of his car seat and Olivia ready to rip open anything she could get her hands on. ​

One day, one day when I can grocery shop by myself, I hope to repay the favor. Such a simple act of kindness. She didn’t have to offer. She could have just went on her way. Got dinner ready for her family a bit sooner. But she wanted to help. ​

A sign actually sits on my kitchen counter and I read it every morning while drinking my FIRST cup of coffee. ​

“If you can be anything, be kind.”​

Thank you Emilia, this world needs more acts of kindness. And real mommas like you.


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