Alicia Bauman

When it comes to water, I feel like every child loves it. Maybe not some, but at least my two do, and all my little daycare kids. ​

And with the recent change in weather, and all the rain that has fallen over the last month, I feel like we are almost living in the middle of the rain forest, a beautifully, vibrant, fall-colored rain forest. ​

On a recent trip up north to visit my folks, they had water everywhere. My cousins were actually kayaking in the wheat fields. We drove out to our hunting land, and the water covered the trails, and was coming in over the floor of the Ranger.

My dad is a county commissioner, and he too was up in a plane, trying to figure out where they could cut ditches to ease some of the water, and flood land that could be floodable.

I’m hoping for a good freeze before deer hunting opener. ​Or we too may be hunting in kayaks.

Then there was my sister’s wedding last weekend. It was absolutely beautiful and she was a stunning bride.

She was so hopeful for an outdoor wedding, but rain made her make the decision to move the wedding indoors. However, several, including us were camping, and due to all the rain, campers were getting stuck. ​However, I will say, my favorite picture from her “sneak peaks” was one of them sitting in an old collectors truck, kissing, and water beads all over the back window.

It was picture perfect.

I know water is just water, but kids’ fascination with it is just mesmerizing. ​

I turn my back for a second, and my almost one year old son is almost head first playing in the toilet water (thank god the toilet had been flushed). ​

Or the conversation I have with my daughter everyday, “Mommy pours inside, Olivia you pour outside.” ​

Then a second later, she has the water running in the kitchen sink, filling up every cup that was just washed, and of course drinking out of each cup too. ​

Because water taste different in each cup, right? ​

Or tubby time, of course when big sister starts splashing, baby brother has to follow in her footsteps. ​One loves their hair washed too, the other doesn’t.

Or the recent bath that our dog Ranger got. It didn’t matter that it was 65 degrees outside, the daycare kids, who were not in swimsuits, decide the garden hose was going to be sprinkler. ​

And the kids will spend a good hour dumping water from cup to cup, pouring, filling, spilling, just having plain fun. ​We’ve done several water activities throughout summer, and it entertains the kids every time. A few of the favorites seem to be kiddie pool, sprinkler, water table, pool noodles acting like tunnels where the kids can pour water into and fill buckets, slip and slides and different colored water where they can mix and make new colors.

Or the daycare child who was washing his hands and decided to what I think was put his hands directly under the faucet, which made the bathroom have water in places that I’ve never seen water before. ​

It’s just water people. ​

Just water.​

And when it rains, let it pour. ​


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