Alicia Bauman

About a month ago, we welcomed two feline critters into our family. Tank and Chloe, two jet-black kittens that my sister needed to get off her farm.

And of course I said, “Sure, we will take them!” ​

Maybe failed to ask my husband who is allergic to them. Maybe also failed with the thought that our soon-to-be seven year old dog does not get along with cats. ​

And third thought, how in the world were we going to tell the difference between two black kittens?​

But was a double mom-win because Olivia and Aiden are, IN LOVE! ​

In fact, behind “mum-mum” and “dadda,” came out “kee kee.” And what little girl doesn’t want a kitten to drag around with her or try and buckle a kitten up in her brother’s stroller. ​

I’ll be honest, I had a bit of separation anxiety from them. I didn’t want them to disappear if let out, so they spent the first few weeks getting to know us in our back shed. Then one night while chatting on the phone with my sister who gave us these furry creatures, she said, Alicia, you need to let them out. ​

You just need to. ​

Deep breath, and off they ran. Almost felt like I was sending my first-born off to Kindergarten. ​

They were on cloud nine. They were running from tree to tree, chasing each other and playing in and about any bush or blade of grass they could find. As well as “rearranging” the landscaping and creating pooping grounds in my flower beds. ​

But then came time to catch them. ​

Tank came to us easily, but Chloe, she is something. ​

Once you have her, she cuddles. And anyone can hold her, she sort of flops around like a limp wet noodle. After lots of coaxing, distraction and trickery with kitty toys, we are able to catch her. ​

It has taken some time, but they now follow us around like little puppies. They’ve yet to make friends with Ranger, and I don’t know if that will ever happen. ​

And my husband, well, he won’t admit it, but he sure likes them. ​

But what I find even more interesting, are the cats abilities to teach and provide for our children. And how each cat has rather “claimed” their owner. Chloe claimed Olivia. We’ve been struggling with patience with our daughter, and as long as Olivia is quiet, calm and waits for Chloe to come to her, she has a best friend. Tank, he purrs all the time, rubs up against you, is affectionate, but yet wants to play and is on the move. And is also a tank. ​

That’s our Aiden, to a T. ​

Even with the daycare kids, the cats have “chosen” who they would rather play with or be held by. ​

While we keep loving our kids’ kittens, we’re sure to have an endless supply of love coming in return. ​

You really have no choice, but to receive love from this family.


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