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Are you looking for a family-friendly, free local art event? MacRostie Art Center (MAC) has something for you. Every second Saturday of the month, MAC hosts an event called Families Create! Second Saturday. During this event, families can join in on unique kid-friendly art activities with no registration, fees, or materials required. Each month has a new theme.

The theme for our March class is “stained glass” sun-catchers! This interactive lesson will engage families in the artistic process of using multiple colors of tissue paper and custom cut frames to create gorgeous designs that are perfect for the front window. MacRostie Art Center will provide the studio, materials, and instruction from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. Families are invited to join at any time during the class.

In order to learn how to make the frames and have access to the multitude of colors of tissue paper, you will have to join our free class on Saturday. However, if you cannot make it to the class and would still like to make similar crafts with your family at home, instructions have been included below for the following craft:

You will need:

Wax paper

Colored tissue paper — lots of different colors!

White glue


Small, recycled jar or other container

Paintbrush or craft stick



  1. Gather your materials and make a clear space where you can create. If you are working indoors, you can use this newspaper as a placemat to protect your table or floor!

  2. Tear or cut tissue paper into small pieces.

  3. Tear or cut a medium or large piece of wax paper and place it on a table — this will be the base for the stained glass. (You can tape it down so it doesn’t curl up or slip.)

  4. Mix 2 parts glue with 1 part water in the jar or another container.

  5. Brush or smear glue mixture all over the waxed paper. Arrange different pieces of tissue paper on the glue-covered piece of wax paper, then brush glue over them.

  6. Add layers of colored paper and glue as desired.

  7. Allow the colorful creation to dry, then flip to the other side and glue more colors if you’d like your sun-catcher to have deeper colors. Repeat the drying process.

  8. If you wish, cut the “stained glass” into a heart, circle or another shape. Place in a window and let the sun light up the beautiful colors!

For more tips and tricks, check out this tutorial: https://www.first5la.org/parenting/articles/tissue-paper-stained-glass/ 

The March Families Create! Second Saturday class will feature a more intensive sun-catcher project and design. This class is open to all families with children ages four and up. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. MacRostie Art Center’s event is sponsored by Children First! and the Blandin Foundation.


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