Alicia Bauman

Life, as we all know, it gets busy. ​

Very busy. ​

Pre-kid days, I worked outside the home as a mortgage processor. I went to work and came home from work. I could get the grass mowed, laundry done, house cleaned, run, step foot inside a store and even watch an episode of my favorite show at night. Yes, I'm a total Bachelor and Bachelorette junkie.

And, if my husband and I wanted to eat supper at eight o'clock, we could. ​

Heck, if I wanted to drink my supper instead of cook. I could.

Ok, not really. But I've thought about it.

I remember going to work and chatting with my co-worker who had two little girls. We would ask how each other's night was and what we did. She would say pick the girls up from daycare, a little play, supper, bath, story time and then bed.​

And then bed for her and her husband, too. ​

She would use her lunch break to run home and swap out a load of laundry, pick up supper and relied heavily on Amazon prime. ​

Yet, my end of the conversation would be picked blackberries and made a fresh batch of jelly or did some sort of project in our ‘70s house remodel. ​

Fast forward three years. And we are the same ticking clock. ​

And I'm OK with that. ​

Those projects that once could be completed uninterrupted, are long gone. ​It's been a week now that I've been trying to get a second coat of paint on our front door. And we've been slowly planting our garden over the last couple weeks because for one, the mosquitos are horrendous and two, planting with a three-year-old makes for very thick rows of seeds. And I don't even know if we can call them rows. More like clumps where the entire package got dumped. That fine wording on the back that says to space seeds apart? Whoosh. Over her head.

I've come to realize, my do-it-myself attitude can't do-it-all anymore. And it's OK for things to not be perfect. It's OK if the grass gets a little long. Heck, those dandelions pop through the next day after mowing anyways. ​

And laundry? Does one ever get caught up? I'll be the first to admit I may, some weeks, just pull my clothes out of the dryer, just so I don't have to fold or put them away. I used to be so good about not drying our first-born's clothes the entire way, too. Add in another? Yeah right. ​

As for a clean house. I've come to realize that fingerprints on the windows are like artwork. And toys absolutely everywhere (besides for our bedroom) are decoration. And that it's OK to hire a cleaning lady to clean. My husband asked, are you sure about that? Are you sure you’re not going to clean before she comes? And she is going to do a good enough job for you?​

Not sure why I didn't do it sooner. The first time she came, it was marvelous. She even neatly arranged the soaps in the shower. ​

And, unless, we buy a double jogging stroller; I think my running days are over. I think I'll just eat more salads and stick to chasing after my own two, plus the six other daycare children I have. ​

Those late night TV shows? I'll pass, crawling into the sheets, a pillow and some sleep is all this momma needs. ​

And Amazon. Stitch Fix. Walmart Grocery Pick-up. OH. HOW. I. LOVE. YOU! ​

The other night, when we went to Target, it sure reminded me why I do not bring my kids into stores, alone, at supper time. ​

It just doesn't go well. ​

Or why not to bring both kids and a dog to the vet solo.

Dog jumps out of the car. Frees himself from collar. Mom chasing after dog. Dog not listening. Finally catch dog, while realizing the kids are thankfully right by the car. Our crew tries walking into the vet. Dogs foot gets stuck under the door. Bleeds all over. Now a crying dog. And scared crying daughter. And infant who was woken too early from his nap. Crying, too.

Dear Lord, I feel like we could be a reality show sometimes.

All that said, I'm OK with the fact that my mom and mother-in-law are helping bring our daughter to gymnastics, that we have hired a cleaning lady, that I'm taking a few extra closed daycare days this summer to do something special with our kids or that we have to get a sitter so I can get the yard work done so the weekend is "family time." ​

It takes a TRIBE people. Be very thankful for your TRIBE. ​

And if you don't have one, do yourself a favor and find one.


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